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    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy July 2020 - Craft Brewer

    Sorry to stuff you around ... but I've had to change my itinerary and won't be in Brisbane now ... so please cancel my order. Cheers Mark
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    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy July 2020 - Craft Brewer

    I'm interested in 1 BB pale, 1 x BB ale, 1 x BB wheat ... providing I can pick it up no later than 1st or 2nd August. Cheers Mark
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    I noticed that Russian River’s new brewery has pressure they must think it beneficial!
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    Whirlpool temperature

    Interesting recipe in the latest Zymurgy magazine for Tree House Julius Clone. Whirlpool hop in for 60 minutes at only 108f (42c). I’ve never seen a whirlpool temp that low.
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    Where to stay in Brisbane?

    Hi all, I'm going to be in Brisbane for a week....late this month (March) and would like recommendations as to where to stay that is handy to breweries and bars that stock quality craft beer. Cheers Mark
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    Yes Please: 1 x Glad Pilsner 1 x Glad American Ale Cheers Mark
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    Pico Brew Pro as new $500 VIC - Melb

    Will offer $350 if you can ship it here to me in Central QLD Cheers Mark
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    looking for NEIPA hop suggestions

    Interesting.......what total IBU's are you aiming for?
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    The yeast bay SEQ bulk buy

    1 of each please Wallonian Farmhouse Dry Belgian Ale Funktown Pale Ale Vermont Ale Amalgamation Saison Blend Cheers Mark
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    For Sale - 3 Tap Kegerator Perlick 525ss taps and gas....

    I like the look of this Middo......can you PM me.....will take the gas bottle too!
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    Soda Stream Adapter and Reg

    Can I be added to this as well please. I tried the CO2ART link....but takes me to a spreadsheet that's been superseded?
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    Sail And Anchor Seven Seas 2011 - Home Brew Competition

    Came across the thread while searching for a possible recipe for the Sail & Anchor Seven Seas Ale......does anyone have a recipe of this? I always enjoyed this when at the sail & Anchor....but sadly its no longer would love to have a crack at it myself! Cheers Mark
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    Pauline on Q&A

    Agree with you about Greenwald Dave70......don't like a lot of what he has to say....but on this occasion he has hit the mark. Cheers Mark
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    Pauline on Q&A

    Interesting discussion going on here guys.....but I think there is a bigger picture for the reasons the likes of Pauline and Trump are grandstanding! Worth a...
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    Electric Drill recommendations for Mashmaster Mill

    Thanks for the replies fellas....went with Newy's suggestion! Cheers Mark