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    Constant Hotbreak foam for 45mins of the boil - why?

    Just speculating here but wouldn't it be when (for any number of reasons) the brewer hasn't got full conversion in the mashing process turning the starch from the grain into sugars.
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    Beer on tap when camping

    I made this single tap dispenser. Works good. Ice will last for 3 or 4 days. Only one keg at a time tho. Not bad when you are camping. Other camping rigs posted in this thread to. I like the idea of converting an engel into temp...
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    Hey Jase, I have a 2.6kg co2 bottle that I use for dispensing. I have used the tiny co2/soda bulbs before but, in my experience, they are a pain to use. Its not much trouble lugging round the small bottle. Cheers,
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    Here is a jockey box I rigged up for camping, parties, HB comps etc. 22L Waeco esky with the keg king chiller coil kit. Just add a bag of ice and a couple of litres of water. Works a treat. I crash chill in the fermenter, transfer to a keg and cold crash a second time and finally transfer to...
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    Looking to buy hops

    Whoops.... sorry it was a late night at work. Try DrSmurto, Hoppy2b, Yob or ebay. There probably others on here that have them to. Check the hops section in the forum. cheers.
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    Looking to buy hops

    Yob at hopdealz has supplied great hops to me at a good price in a timely fashion in the past. Do they have a HB shop in Jindabyne? Google hopdealz with a z mate.
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    temp probe outside or in fermenter?

    I use an old neoprene stubby holder that is cut up, then doubled over, and gaffa taped to the side of the fermenter. This is to insulate the probe from the ambient temp in the fermenting freezer.
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    Bread Porn

    Reading this thread make me want to break out the bread machine next brew day. Love your work fellas.
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    9.5L Keg and Carbonation

    Hmmmm beer o'clock and the beer is flowing freely. 90kpa of pressure, 4.5 meters of beer line and beer is pouring very nicely. 14hrs @ 230kpa gave a nice amount of carbonation. Next up I will try the same method with the 9.5L corny.
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    Setting a Keg King Regulator

    A mate hade the same problem with the KK reg. Unfortuntely when we were setting up his kegerator and force carving his first batch he turned up the gas to high, the safety pressure release thingy got activated and his shed wall got covered in beer. Not sure what the limit is on the safety...
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    9.5L Keg and Carbonation

    Thanks for the info ferg. I put the gas on a half filled 19L corny at 6.30pm last night and took it off the gas at 8.30am this morning. So 14hrs is about half the usual time @ 230kpa for half the amount of beer. The keg should be equalised ready to hook up when I get home from work tonight...
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    9.5L Keg and Carbonation

    HI, I have a question about carbonating a newly acquired 9.5L corny keg. I have been using 19L corny's with my keg set up and force carbonating at 230kpa for about 30 hours. The beers have had good carbonation with that method. I'm just not sure how long a should carb the 9.5L keg for. Common...
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    Pigs & Little - our electric brewery

    I have the same 5500w element in my pot (recirc BIAB). IIRC I got a sparky to install a 25amp circuit for that element. He made an extension lead out of welder power cable, anyway thats what he called it. Its real thick. I had to extend the extension lead with some of the Bunnings 4mm stuff...
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    CO2 bottles - how long does yours last?

    I have a 6.8kg cylinder and gone through @ 44 corny kegs over the last 2.5 yrs that I've been set up with kegs. In that time I've gone through fads such as force carbing, filtering, purging kegs etc. Recently, I just CC, dump it into the keg with a hose to the bottom and set the pressure at...
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    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    When I made it I measured it at closer 6 meters high. I was looking for 18 ft of height. Unfortunately I was away from home in March last year and by the time I got back the flowers weren't worth harvesting. It didn't take to long to make and I think I found the idea on AHB somewhere. I made a...