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    Temperature and Fermentation control using Tilt Hydrometer??

    Hey there, I have a brewpi (legacy) and Arduino UNO (no soldering, use jumpers and terminal strips). I have added the Tilt integration, but after 4 or 5 brews with it I am not sure what I am getting out of it that I wasn't before ... outside of not using the refractometer or hydrometer any more...
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    I have washed 3 and reused 2 yeasts ... one being the WPL005 mentioned above, and the other was some "Funktown" ... I am pretty sure I washed, sanitised, everything correctly, and don't feel that there is anything wrong (colour or smell) ... both of these yeasts have gone off like a fire...
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    FWIW ... the English Brown that I made finished out very nicely with this yeast ... I washed it and kept it in the fridge since ... I got it out yesterday and poured off a bit of the water on top as I let it warm up, to pitch it into an iPA ... by the time I was ready, it had already gotten...
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    Sniffing Bums.

    It was from an old black and white Aussie film series in the 50's, called "Smiley" that I first heard it. I'll bet it was from a long time before that :)
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    BrewPi - Fermentation control

    where are you based, I am in Sydney, and can help out if you are nearby. Pm me
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    BrewPi - Fermentation control

    If you are Unix savvy, the csv of each graph/data is saved in the brewpi folder structure Drag that into excel (or open office on Linux) and graph your heart out I'm not sure, but you can likely reload older brews in the brewpi web interface. To look at what happened.Citation needed And of...
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    BrewPi - Fermentation control

    Eventually the logging gets looked at less as time goes by. In my experience, and I am a total techno geek Mostly the Pi becomes the tool to set the arduinos. So my advice is that they are great at temp control, don't get too concerned with the logging, unless you are totally forgetful about...
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    What are you Watching ?

    "Manhattan" and "The Knick" Awesome shows. The Knick has Clive Owen doing some of the best work yet Manhattan is about the Manhattan project in Los Alamos, with Mr Oppenheimer and his bunch. A love hate relationship with this, the invention of the A-bomb which is ultimately bad... But the show...
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    I got sick of measuring out water in my 500ml measuring jug, and could find anything else big and accurate enough, till I discovered that 4 seconds of the tap running in the kitchen (as long as no other taps, washing machines, dishwashers et al) gave me 500ml, so now I just time it to get the...
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    Galaxy Dry Hopping - How much is too much?

    I assume that, yes, Galaxy are pretty low on the bitter end of the business. It would taste like a soft drink(passiona) if you didn't get some bittering from them. I was following a recipe that was stated to be the authors 4th or 5th generation. There was nothing in the way of invention on my...
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    Galaxy Dry Hopping - How much is too much?

    Yeah, I did the same with the flowers, and it was very close to SWPA. they were dry hopped for 5 days. At 2,5g per litre. Id have to check notes for rest of Hop schedule. But it was a shite load all up, something like 4g+ per litre, with some in mash, then regular drops right up to flame out...
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    You know you are hooked when...

    Even your 4 year old son is tuned to go and check the fermentation every day.
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    No Air Lock Bubbles...But I Think It's Fermenting?

    Bit of a babe at this myself, but as the experts will likely tell you .... Relax. It knows what to do, it's in the hands of your Yeast now. But the starter should likely be made earlier, I believe. I did a Stone and Wood Pacific Ale clone with that yeast and it was pretty tame all the way...
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    Carbonating AG versus Extract

    Has anyone ever pulled this off .... The syringe trick is good, it's sort of what I have been doing, by pouring my lower carbed beers from ever increasing distance from the glass ... but it ain't fooling me or anyone I know :)
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    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Went to a trade show once and watched a demo up on stage if a guy who had clearly left the company he was doing it for, prior to the event. Same sort of circumstances as grumpypaul... Told a similar story, and said that the best advice he could give anyone was to keep version 1... By the time...