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    Feeling electricity through hands when using Guten

    Do not use the unit, it is faulty and could kill you. Keg King should send you a new unit and arrange for the faulty one to be sent back to them or destroyed.
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    Wand kept blocking.

    Actually I think that I have seen someone on YouTube put a hop bag in a keg then rack down the hatch and then carefully removed the bag. It might have been gash slug or Craig from craigtube
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    Wand kept blocking.

    I'm not sure if it is best practice but would lining the bottling bucket with a grain bag be worthwhile. The bag would probably need to be removed prior to racking but it should take all the hop matter with it.
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    Back for another crack at it!!

    Welcome, +1 temp control. Yeast selection is also going to improve the beer.
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    Wand kept blocking.

    You can try using a hop bag /ball
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    New to kegging - please help

    Pluto guns can be tricky to use but when you get the knack they are pretty good. What serving pressure are you using? There's a possibility that your beer may be over carbonated
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    New to kegging - please help

    If you are using 5mm ID your line should be at least 3m
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    Going to try a fwk - All In Brewing Consequences Pale Lager

    I have Casey's ESB in the fermentor right now. Started on Saturday @18° with old faithful uso5. Bought the temperature up to 21° today. Will keg her up early next week and put his Amarillo ale on. I have done that one before and it was amazing! Going to dry hop with a little extra Amarillo this...
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    Tried And Proven Low Carb Lager.

    Definitely lose body and mouthfeel. Probably lose flavour too. I'm also looking at using dry enzymes too
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    What have you dropped into the Fermenter?

    Someone should print a t-shirt
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    Weak (if any) fermentation

    Have you got a hydrometer?
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    Senior airlock

    They are a good airlock. Never had it blow apart like the two piece one did that one time bry-97 came to town. I don't use any of the old classic style airlocks I have. I find most of them are poorly manufactured because of the excessive flashing and the parting line shows that they can't even...
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    TassieTrucker Sayin' G'Day

    Recently did that one with 1kg ldme @ 18° 4 days and 21° 6 days with a danstar ale yeast. Dry hopped in the keg with a little simcoe. Come up pretty nice for a k&k :)
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    What have you dropped into the Fermenter?

    It's been done a few times all claiming to be the first lol