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    Power connectors

    Also worth considering is IP rating. Will it have the potential to be splashed or come into contact with weather? I like IP56+ gear. The NHP iso range is reasonably priced compared to clipsal 56 series and theyre compatible. There are chinese rip offs of these types of connectors too like GWR...
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    Auber - Digital SSR Power Regulator for Wort Boiling Control (DSPR1)

    If youre going to go to the expense of getting a 15A dedicated circuit installed, maybe consider just going to 32A. Im planning to install a 32A feed which will allow the use of a 5500w element. Room to upgrade in the future that way.
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    Brew control panel enclosures

    B&R Enclosures & Rittal would be the two biggest off the shelf options. Any number of board builders will be able to make any size for you with some leadtime.
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    Homebrew Control Box

    I'm currently trying to make this cheaper and talking to overseas suppliers to do this. i should have an update sometime soon!
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    Homebrew Control Box

    Hi all, Long time lerker, first time poster. I'm going to build a manual electric control box loosely inspired by theelectricbrewery item but modified and simplified for Australian conditions. It will have the same functionality as theelectricbrewery item except for the following changes...