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    Oatmeal extra pale ale extract

    You should do a mini-mash of wheat or pale malt with the rolled oats. If you don't, you are just releasing starches into the brew which will cause haze (not really an issue with stouts) but more importantly, a great food source for bacterial infections. Any rolled oats are fine as they have been...
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    Sqyre who???

    Hey sqyre, you're not the only one waking up from a coma!
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    OG reading seems too high

    It will ferment just fine.
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    Reviving "old" Yeast

    I'm going to resurrect this ancient topic with a story about ancient yeast. Recently I smacked three packets of old Wyeast I had in the fridge. 2042 Danish, 2308 Munich Propagators and a 4632 Dry Mead Activator. The 2042 hasn't swelled in over three weeks, so it's likely dead. Date:7-JUL-08...
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    Newbie from Sunshine Coast

    $100 is cheap for a SS fermenter - especially as it sounds like it has been hardly used. You won't lose money buying it. You can always sell it again for the same price or more if you decide brewing isn't for you.
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    What to do with these hops....

    Maybe leave out the Fuggles or use just a little bit in the boil. APAs work really well with SImcoe and Cascade. I'm sure there probably are APAs with Fuggles but they're more suited to UK styles.
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    ESB Brewing Kits - What are your thoughts

    Yes, the ESB 3kg kits are from ESB and have been around for more years than I can remember - 15 years or more. All listed here. ESB kits I've never brewed one but plenty here have. Go up to the search function and type in 'ESB 3kg' to see the many posts from people before you.
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    Grumpy's Boston Cream

    After all these years brewing, I'm surprised you need a recipe. I'll try and remember tonight.
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    Grumpy's Boston Cream

    Use the ol' wayback machine. http://archive.org/web/
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    Grumpy's Boston Cream

    Rod, I'd have to track down the old list of the Masterbrews. There was nothing hard about any of the Masterbrews. BC was malt, dex, DCS, a bit of crystal and a combo of Cascade and Northern Brewer hops. Nothing magical. The yeast was whatever what was under the can lid but it's fairly obvious...
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    First crack at a Duvel clone

    It affects both the FG and what would have been the OG, with the extra dextrose I would dissolve it in boiling water from the kettle (in something that can take the boiling water ;-) ) and pour it straight into the fermenter. No real harm if you add it as sugar crystals, it will dissolve anyway...
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    RIP Amanda

    I walked past there today. A "Under New Management" sign & people working inside on refitting and carrying merchandise into the showroom from the lockup two doors up.
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    Who remembers Grumpy's

    Not quite. A company in Victoria did the canning for us. I can't recall the company name but they made most of the brew cans for the Australian market. Yes, the extract was 100% Coopers malt but it was to Grumpy's bitterness specs. So Low, Medium and High were Coopers light malt with equivalent...
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    RIP Amanda

    I haven't done much brewing since moving down here, only a couple of batches. Gone in a few times and chatted with Amanda about the brew trade. What a shock. I noticed there was a sign on the door saying they were closed on Saturday's until further notice.
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    Hobart Water

    None at all. Mg provides some use in metabolic activity during fermentation but there is enough Mg in grain to not be bothered adding it as a salt to the liquor.