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    Improve my Slow Cooked Brisket

    I have the Navigator and it is a great unit. I also have the Pitboss series 3 vertical smoker, but that doesn't seem to get used much since the navigator because it does all the vertical does and more.
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    Smoked silverside

    Haven't tried it. Yet. I do have a nice bolar blade in the freezer that is going to happen sooner or later
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    Improve my Slow Cooked Brisket

    I have 3 Webers, 2 pellet smokers, and I gave my stick burner away because it no longer was used. For the record, the Pitboss 820 (now an old model) and the Pitboss Navigator 850 both can sear over flame.
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    Smoked silverside

    Pork shoulder is another good cut, long cook though if you want pulled pork. Pork belly burnt ends are another favourite of mine.
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    Smoked silverside

    How did it go? Pastrami?
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    When I am dead and buried, I hope they sell my guns, fishing gear, and brewery equipment for what they are worth. Not for what I told the mrs I paid for them.
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    Burnt Belly, Beers

    Pork belly burnt ends and beer. Life is complete.
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    Smoking Meat...

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    Show us your Beers!

    I'll play. Munich Dunkel
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    Inkbird Giveaway to Celebrate New Product Releasing Temp & Humidity WIFI Gateway!

    Thanks for your generosity Inkbird. Count me in please.
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    Where is the WIKI?

    Welcome. This whole forum is a wiki and so much more.
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    Speaking of pigeons, I just sold my homing pigeon on ebay for the 34th time
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    My KK vs KL post was deleted - Why KK is not allowed here

    Couple weeks ago I did a swap of a 2.6kg? KK bottle at Country Brewer near me for $29 (they said same price for either swap or refill if you want to leave it with them o/night). If there is one near you give them a call on how much a 6kg bottle swap is.
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    Any reason not to use these fittings?

    I looked for drinking water hose from bunnings just a few weeks ago and they no longer sell it, it is not even on their website anymore. I have bought one in there in the past. I bought one from supercheap auto. I did buy an inline caravan water carbon filter from bunnings though, just uses...