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  1. Blackened

    Big CF chiller FS Vic

    I hope it's ok to link to my ebay listing? https://tinyurl.com/y76pqlzc Listing has all the details, but in a nutshell: 18m long 1/2" copper pipe internal 30mm vinyl jacket 800mm diameter coil on a stand on wheels Use a pond pump to recirculate cleaner/sanitiser More efficient/ faster flow...
  2. Blackened

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Clearing out the shed. 30L birko urn for starters. http://r.ebay.com/Y418Zw See the other listings for a couple of demijohns. Noble Park Vic I intend to list a few more items. Probably next weekend. Plate chiller, massive CF chiller, food grade pump, RIMS tube etc.... Are these still in...
  3. Blackened

    Maximite Brew-troller

    It's kinda stalled at the moment. I'm using the control box for a couple of other projects. I'm not making beer at the moment. I'll get back to it eventually, but for now other shiny things have caught my attention lol. The controller's next job is to automate a VM reflux column. Fairly simple...
  4. Blackened

    Heater suggestions for small brew cupboard: tubular heaters etc?

    If you're after a ghetto design, I built mine using an old iron, stripped of everything except the flat heated surface, then I attached a large aluminium heatsink. A bi-metal thermostat (scavenged from an old dishwasher or washing machine from memory) keeps it at a safe temp of around 80C. It...
  5. Blackened

    Chinese/taiwanese Rice Wine

    This post is simply a follow-up of the previous post because the missus has absolutely no interest and I feel the need to blab about my results so far lol Pictured (inoculated with): Left dried lees front centre red yeast rice right ragi tape rear centre ragi tape (rice cooked with too much...
  6. Blackened

    Chinese/taiwanese Rice Wine

    I've just finished a batch of rice wine that was fermented using Ragi Tape. It went quite well IMHO and it's got me enthused again. I haven't touched rice fermentation for years. Anyway, I'm trying some test batches, consisting of: Ragi Tape Dried and ground lees from the first batch Red yeast...
  7. Blackened

    Chinese/taiwanese Rice Wine

    Ok, I know this is a very late reply lol, The mould is exactly what you are trying to propagate, as it is supplying the amylase. White mould is not the result of monascus purpureus activity (red colouration). Don't airlock it initially either, you'll need oxygen for the biota growth. Once the...
  8. Blackened

    Where did you get your control panel box from?

    I'm using this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sealed-ABS-Wall-Mount-Plastic-Enclosure-330x330x181mm-Terminal-Box-Project-Case-/390668585298?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item5af5a98952 ABS plastic so easy to work with and cut holes with simple tools. I'm stuffing a lot of...
  9. Blackened

    Maximite Brew-troller

    Thanks Mr Wibble, I allow 800ms for a 12 bit conversion. Not exactly instant, but if you request all sensors to convert in parallel, then read them sequentially the total time to read ALL sensors isn't much more than the initial 800ms conversion time. I haven't updated this thread for a while...
  10. Blackened

    More like poor tool management! Now where did I leave the...

    More like poor tool management! Now where did I leave the...
  11. Blackened

    How the hell could I have spent all day simply putting LEDs on the front panel?

    How the hell could I have spent all day simply putting LEDs on the front panel?
  12. Blackened

    Maximite Brew-troller

    Work in progress: Had some time this weekend to work on the hardware. More components enroute so it's far from finished. I haven't started on the front panel just yet. Need to wait for the LCD screen to rock up so I can figure out where I want all the indicator LEDs etc... All cable access is...
  13. Blackened

    Bling! 3 Tier setup

    Definitely not aimed at us typical home brewers IMHO. I got the impression their market was more like microbreweries that want to develop new recipes before unleashing them on their production gear.
  14. Blackened

    Bling! 3 Tier setup

    No affiliation blah blah. An acquaintance pointed this out to me. Looks good. This may be old news here but thought I'd share just in case. http://www.farra.co.nz/productdetails.php?page=1&numproj=5
  15. Blackened

    Maximite Brew-troller

    I used the controller last weekend. So far so good :D. A couple of bugs in the display to fix, but functionally pretty good IMHO. In an effort to reduce some of my hard-coded data, a couple of weeks ago I started working on a menu system to take user input for the control phase, including a...
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