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    ebay and gum tree finds

    Here is a chest freezer I just listed on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/230744455156?ss...984.m1585.l2649
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    Bar For Sale

    Anyone wanting a freestanding bar in Adelaide look at the link. If it doesnt work just look at gumtree. Listed in the last few minutes Cheers BDB PS not mine, just trying to be helpful http://adelaide.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for...QAdIdZ331976713
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    Made From Beer

    Like most people dont care how a car tire is made, what compounds are put together (if they are...) people want a safe comfortable ride in their car. Likewise for most people they want to have fun when they drink and that is what they are showing. Not how it is made, not what goes into it just...
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    Got The Sack From Work By Visiting Aussie Home Brewer Forum

    Sorry to hear what happened. All I can say is that Id be challenging what happened. Look at the IT policy did it stipulate the potential for instant dismissal from visiting a Brewing related site? If not did you have a warning? Just think how much brewing bling a wrongful dismissal claim would...
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    Dry July Conclusion

    Just My 2c for what its worth. I have spent many years in charity work, sales and marketing - for whatever that is worth to this comment. Im not ignorant nor a tight arse however I personally think Nick hit the nail on the head albeit maybe not clearly expressed for some. From my experience...
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    Adelaide Hbs

    Aaaah Grumpies Forum....... what a pleasant stroll down memory lane. { :lol: for most} stagga. Oh yes, some of those nights were action packed. I wonder what happened to Ray. Cheers BDB
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    Rather Old French Champers Popped

    I agree with all that has been said however I will always enjoy trying something that has been in a bottle that long (not that I have tried 180 yo bubbles). Naturally most have well past there prime but it is the experience of trying something that is older than I am, which gets harder by the...
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    Rather Old French Champers Popped

    I find that amazing. The resistance to not have opened them before now just blows me away. And how many more do they have just waiting for another 100 years. It would be a great experience to try some of those bottles. I just sold 12 bottles of Yattarna - Maybe I should have kept them for a...
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    OK I resisted until now - Flame suit on!! God, there are some precious people on here - I wouldn't starve because I cant eat in a silver service restaurant for every meal nor would I not drink what most would call megaswill just because I cant always have an AG beer! But then again Im a fat...
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    Chappo's Daily Posts

    lol ...Keep the flutes away from that man. I certainly wasnt having a go at Chappo that's for sure - Keep up the good work! Cheers BDB
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    Chappo's Daily Posts

    OMG, Chappo you are a chatty little brewer arnet you!! I just noticed you have clocked up 11.36 posts per day! I think thats my total for the whole year. In fact can you come over and chat to my wife, I think youd give her a run for her money!! :beer: So does anyone have a higher post...
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    Beer Masons

    Exactly what I thought.
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    'mutant' Beer From Smirnoff

    Simple - Hand craft a beer with the finest malts, hops and yeast, ferment out and then run the wash---oops I meant the beer through a "Water purifier", add a little bottle or two of that vodka flavoured stuff and Bingo you have a beer based RTD Vodka :icon_cheers: BDB