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  1. big d

    WA English Ale Fest, Interested ?

    Gday Nev . I would love to go but once again I will be at work.Im sure you must have my roster somewhere so you organise around me. :unsure: Cheers Dave
  2. big d

    Chilli Sauces, inner Sydney

    Check out Chilli mojo in Adelaide. Huge range on there web site.Was in Adelaide a few weeks back and checked there place out.Unreal variety of sauces and everything else . Cheers Big D
  3. big d

    Anawbs 2012 And Mash Paddle

    Great news.Time to get brewing a few more styles. Cheers Dave
  4. big d

    Braumeister Or 3v Herms

    So you dont brew in the shed? Have you become a closet brewer Batz. Oh the shame of it all. Cheers Big d
  5. big d

    French Biere De Garde

    Let me know when shes good to go Nev and I will be around for a sample.Will fill the Colonial growler with Kolsch for the visit. Cheers Big D
  6. big d

    February It Is

    The mind is willing but the body is weak. As I work a FIFO roster of 8 on 6 off, I generally stay away from the very very average beer on offer at the camp.So from my reckoning I only have to avoid beer/alcohol for about 13 days in February . Cheers Big D
  7. big d

    Rain Water Brewing

    Gday Wobbly Only brew with tank water as we dont have scheme water.Only additions to the water are some salt and calcium chloride in the mash. Cheers Big D
  8. big d

    Who's On At Midnight 2011 ?

    Happy 2011 AHBers Cheers Big D
  9. big d

    Five Figure Posters?

    New years eve.Time for another beer.
  10. big d

    Charging For Your Brews

    And if i put money into a tip jar if you had one today Nev i would have walked out even poorer. ;) Cheers Dave
  11. big d

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    My chilli seeds from Tony took ages to get going so wasnt expecting too much in there first season however am amazed they are still throwing the odd flower at this time of year and have 3 7-pods forming slowly.Hanging out to try them if they survive the winter. Cheers Dave
  12. big d

    Monster Mash!

    Your forgiven ;)
  13. big d

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    Cheers Cube will give the fish emulsion a go and reckon i will up the pot size to there final resting/growing space .
  14. big d

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    No pics atm Tony however potted up from one of those mini green house seed raisers and are in about 5" pots.Soils good etc so who knows.Will give the tackers a feed of seasol this arvo and see how they progress.Perth weather is warming up quite well so hope they take off. Cheers Dave
  15. big d

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    Looking good Tony.I had a seed strike rate of about 95% from the seeds you sent me so am very happy.Only issue is that they seem to be growing real slow.Is this normal? Cheers Big D