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    My Third Brew: Morgan's Golden Sheaf.

    Beer ................... bringing people together Is there nothing it cannot do? Cheers
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    Lifestyle Channel - Young Brewers

    I agree with Ross, best to wait & judge after watching Half their luck I reckon Cheers
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    Workplace Fun Nazis Block Ahb

    Mate! Remind me never to employ you Scarey! Cheers
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    Problem With Saflager W34/70 Yeast

    This might be of some help Link Cheers
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    Problem With Saflager W34/70 Yeast

    G'day Goo What temperature did you have it at? Cheers
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    Crown Lager Style Brew

    Hold on a minute I'm just getting comfortable! Might need a raincoat for this one OK, you can start now Cheers
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    Getting Kegs To Pour Really Cold

    40 deg C plus days are normal here I don't care how good a beer is .................................... it's getting well chilled I have some Chimay in the fridge that will be served very cold as usual ............... it warms as I drink it, difference is only slight & beats having the last...
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    Adding Port To A Stout

    Just add the shot of Port prior to pouring & drinking Cheers
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    Kit Beer Bos At The Nationals

    Does this mean the AG brewers have to run around the room with their pants around their ankles? Cheers
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    Turn Key Ag Rigs

    Any news on how the Sabco system goes? Cheers
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    Frankos Anawbs Experience

    Hmmmmm Franko - Unlucky, but it looks like a beer or wine had to entered to be eligible for label comp ANAWBS - Bad form to keep the money & also display the labels that were ruled out of contention Have we learned something? Time to turn the page Cheers
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    Horrible Sharp Bitter Aftertaste

    What is your bottle cleaning & sanitising process? Cheers
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    Kegs From Usa - Change Of Ebay Sales Status

    One ripped off customer is one too many This bloke sounds at best incompetent ................. at worst dishonest Cheers
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    Anawbs 2006 Results

    At risk of opening the label can of worms Isn't Batz's label a Franko creation? Congratulations Franko Cheers
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    Kegs With Pin Holes

    Yardy / Batz An operator? .................. those are fighting words! Nah, Batz had it right. I'm the guy who cleans up the shoddy work of the fly by night shutdown types & the damage done by our operating friends Actually, others do if I ask nicely Cheers