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    Any unwanted 60l fermenters Newcastle/Maitland?

    Looking for a second hand 60L fermenter to buy in Newcastle/Maitland. No lid required.
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    Hey everyone, tried to homebrew before without success

    A wise man once told me, regardless of brewing style, the three steps to successful brewing are:- 1) Sanitation 2) Temperature Control then 3) Ingredients IN THAT ORDER!!!!!!!!! and without 1 and 2 you might as well forget 3. Master 1 and 2 and play around all you want with 3. Ethos has...
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    Comment by 'Barley Belly' in media 'photo1'

    Is that a Hefe?
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    Post Your Ghetto Gear Thread. The < $2.00 Hopper

    If you lift the bucket higher up you could spin the handle round and around. Instead of it hitting the ground all the time. :ph34r:
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    Whats In The Glass

    My firsy Hefe, YUM B) BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout - Recipe: 107 Hefe Weissbeir Brewer: Barley Belly Style: Weizen/Weissbier TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 33.50 l Post Boil Volume: 28.47 l Batch Size (fermenter): 22.00 l...
  6. First Hefe.jpg

    First Hefe.jpg

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    3068, Blow Off Tube Or Double Glad Wrap?

    Here they are pitched and ready to go, wish me luck :)
  8. Weissbeir 001small.jpg

    Weissbeir 001small.jpg

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    3068, Blow Off Tube Or Double Glad Wrap?

    Am leaning towards the blow off tube, gunna screw lids on with orings and use the bottom of a 2 piece airlock with some hose attached, into a flask with boiled water. seamad, I'm using one smack pack per 21L
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    3068, Blow Off Tube Or Double Glad Wrap?

    Brewed and cubed my first Weissbiers (a Hefe and a Dunkleweizen) yesterday and are looking at pitching some freshly smacked 3068 in each, in the next day or so. I have 21 litres of each wort and they will be going in the old style 30litre Cooper's fermentors and are planning on pitching at 12...
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  12. Aussie Wheat 012.jpg

    Aussie Wheat 012.jpg

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    RecipeDB - Aussie Wheat

    <div class='ipsBox clear vcard' id='recipe_card'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed ipsLayout ipsLayout_withleft ipsLayout_smallleft clearfix'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed_tabs ipsLayout_left' id='recipe_tabs'> <p class='short photo_holder'> <img...