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    Where Do You Get Your Boutique/import Beer?

    Fullers' beer are brought all the way from lovely downtown Hammersmith by some mob called Vinimpex, based in Osborne Park WA. Ross, I prolly should've PM ed this to you re the Vintage Ale. Thread hijack... :beerbang:
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    The Goats Are Back In Sydney

    I cannot believe you Sydneysiders are gonna let this go thru to the keeper...isn't the Australian one of the stops on the crawl? Isn't the Goat one of the best micros in the country? Isn't their pale one of the best brews you will ever try on tap? AND I'm trying get Cam to sign up here...Dane...
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    Paul Mercurio's Peach Beer

    Got to say (ahem!) that I had the last peach ale for breakfast this morning, after a big night out (yeah yeah at Ding Dong, watching the Devastations, drinking Cooper's pale stubbies.And no I didn't pull) ANYWAY I'm willing to testify it's better than orange juice the morning after. Last of the...
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    Paul Mercurio's Peach Beer

    At the risk of coming across as the sort of pedantic ratbag I warned Paul about when he emailed me to say he was looking at joining the site :angry: - if you clicked thru the link in my original post you would see that if you want to get someone local to stock this you need to email (via the...
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    New Matilda Bay Brewery In Melbourne

    While on the topic of Redback, Google just popped this out at me. :blink:
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    New Matilda Bay Brewery In Melbourne

    If they've bought the place lock stock & barrel it'll be out at Bangholme/Carrum Downs.
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    Partial / Mini Masg

    Manaen, it's all right here in deebee's answer.. :P Hit the link button to check out "How To Brew". John Palmer, the author, has been dropping in here a bit recently- maybe you can PM him any questions you have left after having a look. The search button is right next to the link button. :chug:
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    Brew Stand

    I have used this shelving system before, and it is tough as. Easy to put together, modular, fairly cheap, widely available at Bunnings etc, only drawbacks are it weighs a ton and the wooden shelving supplied may have issues with your NASA burner. Website here.
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    New Matilda Bay Brewery In Melbourne

    Found this on Those stubbies of Stockade on ebay will now be worth more than Duff! :P
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    Gunn Island Brew Pub, Middle Park

    As detailed in some of my posts earlier this week, I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment. No home, no woman, no brew gear :( Was thinking of drowning my sorrows at the Gunn Island tonight, :chug: then read this on their website: Is it just me or is this a bit unappetizing? Has anyone...
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    Nobody's Fault But Mine

    From what I've read being a tool is the basic qualification to become a Wagga brewer. :)
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    Westgate Brewers Swap Meet

    I'd guess they don't want the place cluttered up with 200 dirty old buckets. Besides, everyone already has a spare fermenter, don't they?
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    Westgate Brewers Swap Meet

    Please see attached, from Westgate Brewers. Could be a goldmine...
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    Infusion Algorithm

    sosman, you should know better than to mention the metric system to an American! They think it's a French plot to make them guzzle "gas" by the litre. <_< that 212oF always looks stupid to me. Thanks Professor Fahrenheit! :P
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    Best Commercial Beer I Have Enjoyed

    Ross, I've seen most of the Fullers' brews around Melbourne- at Nicks, or Acland Cellars...but don't recall spotting the Vintage. Not that they would do you much good, being up there in Brisbane & all, but at least there's a chance someone is bringing them in.