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  1. awfulknauful


    Picture from above post. From Homebrewtalk
  2. awfulknauful


    I wonder how many times this has to happen, very similar to the Scandinavian guy on you tube who's FermZilla blew at 10 PSI.
  3. awfulknauful

    magnets inside fermenter - Neodymium no good?

    https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/modding-the-fermentasaurus.98202/page-2 The new Fermenter King comes ready to adapt. I think the 60 litre is out now as well.
  4. awfulknauful


    When they tested it on rats it enlarged the kidneys and liver, apart from that the rats were fine.
  5. awfulknauful

    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Looking at buying the Thermenter King, any idea when they will be in stock?
  6. awfulknauful

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Its a video which was put up, I have the video but cannot upload it sounds like the guy is from the one of the Baltic states. What is strange is the split went around what I would describe as the shoulder of the FermZilla. Not near the neck where the fractures are appearing. I do believe KegLand...
  7. awfulknauful

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Mine came with a dent, have a look on face book at all the complaints, not just mine.
  8. awfulknauful

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    You may be getting the Fermentasaurus mixed up with the FermZilla, the new Fermetasaurus is now the Fermenter King, the FermZilla seems to be a lemon. Mine is now a terrarium.
  9. awfulknauful

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Your lucky then, dints, leaks, hair line fractures and the one on face book which split open at 10 psi, making improvements is fine, just improve it and iron out the faults, but do it before it is released not after selling a shit load. This isn't the first time.
  10. awfulknauful

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    If you have no idea, why comment? Is this another dig because again you are showing that you can't stand competition? Competition is good, making disparaging remarks about a competitor and engaging in offensive marketing doesn't earn you any brownie points.
  11. awfulknauful

    EOI Voyager Malt. Also the new geared 3 roller grain mill.

    I like the idea of the geared rollers, now that should extend the life of the mill by a fair bit. I'm in for one.
  12. awfulknauful

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    I have two and very happy with them, just waiting for my up grade kit now for the Fermenter king.
  13. awfulknauful

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Turn your back for a few weeks and there is a whole bunch of new toys.
  14. awfulknauful

    The Effects of Hops & Timing

  15. awfulknauful


    Agree, I wouldn't buy again, KL would have been better waiting to get everything right, although maybe this is as good as it gets out of China. I will be ordering the conversion kit for making the Fermentasaurus into the Fermenter King and ordering a second Fermenter King.
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