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    Grain crusher not crushing.

    What I've noticed is the adjusting mechanism is an off centre shaft which raises and lowers the roller, so what you are saying might have a lot to do with it. It's strange though that it was working well for about a year and is now stuffing up.
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    Grain crusher not crushing.

    I have the roller type of grain crusher with off adjusters that I tighten after an adjustment is made. it crushes fine after a few spins then it just spins, I re adjust it works for a few spins and then it .freespins. it's doing me 'ead in. I can't see how or why it is doing this. I stripped...
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    Ducting air from keezer into a fermenter box.

    Not sure why you say I need the air to flow back into the keezer (Box A) from dead chest freezer (box B). I'm just blowing cooler air into Box B at a much lower temp than it ever would go back in at.
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    Ducting air from keezer into a fermenter box.

    Hi people, I have a couple of old computer fans lying around, a dead chest freezer and a temp controller. I have built a small chest keezer with a collar on it. I want to pipe cooler air out of it into the old box using pvc piping and a small computer fan. Has anyone done this successfully to...
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    Help getting that crisp Lager taste

    Will also add, (for the original poster) I have better success with Wyeast liquid smack packs than with whitelabs which seem to take longer to get the numbers up, I krausen on to the next batch generally about 3 - 5 litres when it's pumping, rather than re use the cake or bothering to wash and...
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    Attaching older style tap to a keezer wooden collar

    Hi all I'm trying to find the right connections for attaching this sort of older style tap to a keezer collar. The only fitting I can find are the keg king shank and collar which does not fit the thread on these tap, the tap thread is too small and the not long enough as well to connect to...
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    Possible fermenter infection not sure.

    I have a black plastic fermenter that I've come to call my favourite. I know what pellicle looks like and have had it and dealt with it in the past, also know what O2 can do to a beer. From the best I can remember the last brew and this Cooper's extract Cervesa I kegged a few days ago, were in...
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    Brett yeast

    I had an amount of AG wort left over so I left it went to bed with it just sitting in the boil pot, had a busy day the next day and forgot about the pot, went back today and had spontaneous fermentation happening. I was stoked. I could smell diacetyl so I just turfed it and washed the pot up...