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    Wa Christmas Case Swap 2012

    Ciro - SWMBO has subtly reminded me that 8 Dec is one of the mini-Ant's birthdays, so I will be there at some time with beer, but Murphy being Murphy, I can guarantee the party will coincide with case swap time. I don't want to offend the beer gods with bringing bottles late, so I'll just bring...
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    Wa Christmas Case Swap 2012

    Gryphon Brewing will host this years Christmas case swap. Held at my house in Bassendean which is 200m from Success Hill train station. I have already organized a Bouncy Castle for JYO so that will keep him happy. JYO pants are optional. We will see how the numbers work out and settle for X. Y...
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2010 - Recipes

    The Blushing Kaiser (Berliner Weisse) OG: 1.035 Colour: Pink Bitterness (IBU): <10 1.5 kg Dingleman Pils 1.5 kg Weyermann Pale Wheat 1oz plug Hallertau Mittelfruh (mash hop) PH 5.2 in mash) Mash in with Hallertau plug @ 53C, hold for 20 min Raise mash to 67C, hold for 45 min Pull 1kg thick...
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2010

    Cheers for surrendering the house Case - was a great arvo. Thanks to all that brought some tasty beverages and comestibles; didn't drink a bad beer or have a bad mouthfull all day! Looking forward to starting into the beers this week!
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2010

    Here! Have had a forced layoff from brewing due to brewshed being full of household crap, but will be clear of it in the next few weeks. It won't be an extended aged imperial something, but there will be something worth drinking this case swap! 1) brendanos 2) Malty Cultural 3) NME 4) sinkas 5)...
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2009

    Was a top afternoon GL; thanks once again for offering your premises, organisational expertise and deep frying experience! Thanks too for all those that brought a spare bottle for yours truly and those that brought their bottles to share; not a bad one experienced, despite the self deprecation...
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    In Perth For A Week

    Let he who is without sin throw the first stone... From your own site Mon May 11: CPA @ Ningaloo Resort Ease up mate. FWIW, get into Freo (bus/train in) and then cab back when you're done. Plenty to taste once you're in there... more than one session anyway!
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    Where Can I Get Good Quality Corks For My Saison Bottles

    For the Perth boys- I picked up one of these Colonna cappers before the container got packed, haven't used it in anger yet, but you're more than welcome to come round and give it a go.
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    Beer Tasting Near Freo.

    Back at the tail end of next week for good Pat! Am cramming as much goodness down my throat as it will take at the moment! Looking forward to getting back though. Now wrt the APA, I don't mean hop the hell out of it; maybe a 30-40 IBU kind of thing. I just thought an APA would be the best...
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    Beer Tasting Near Freo.

    This is a really good idea PP, and there are some styles that lend themselves to it. Something like an APA might be a good start coming into summer; you can do a big (ie full bag of grain) mash with a really simple grain bill, then divvy the wort up and everyone single hop boil and flavour/aroma...
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2009

    Chelada... I will do it. I will bring it back, pay duty on it, but you must drink it. Greenflash doable if you're serious, but IMO when fresh it tastes like you just dryhopped a keg with 100gms Cascade. Pretty one-dimensional... But again, if you're serious, I'l bring one back. Don't have a...
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2009

    Sounding good already. Was there anything I said I'd try bring back the last few times, but didn't? I forget these things too easily...
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2009

    I'll be back and might pop in to say hi... won't have anything brewed though, and container with good beer won't be back in time, but will see what I can scratch up?
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    Monster Ginger Beer Help!

    I've used a champagne yeast with success before to drop a monster GB that had stagnated at 1.024 down to about 1.008. Was too much residual sweetness above 1.020.
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    Night Of The Living Funk + Belgian Beer Fest

    I guess it's kind of teasing and bragging. But also in the interests of beer knowledge sharing? Sorry kabooby. But I did wrap my lips around all of the afore mentioned on Friday night, plus these extra special "on the night" releases. Lost Abbey - Yellow Bus, Sinners Blend, Red Barn Saints...