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    No rinse bottle sanitizer

    My LHBS is out of sanitizer and I have a batch I gotta bottle as the ingredient in the no rinse is sodium percarbonate and the only thing I could find at the local supermarket is sodium carbonate which from google tells me it doesn’t have the peroxide hydrogen part in it and I found it in the...
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    Mosaic extra pale ale

    I’m interested to see how it turns out for you I personally can’t help you on this one but I have done the bearded dragon Aus pale ale from the same company and I didn’t bother dry hopping the first one as I was interested in trying it without any extra hops the next one I do will either be the...
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    Morgans Australian old

    Thanks for the information I might give that a go and get a can of dark malt tomorrow to chuck in. As for trying to clone the tooheys old it doesn’t have to be the same I don’t mind the coopers dark ale as well so maybe I’ll just mix it up a bit and see how it goes
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    Morgans Australian old

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this can extract? I do enjoy a few schooies of tooheys old so wandering if it is fairly good clone of it and what would be best to use with it be it straight dex or brew enhancer or liquid malt Cheers Al
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    Really malty pale ale

    So is it safe to bottle at a fg of 1020 it’s been at that for 3-4 days now I don’t want to bottle it if it’s not right I’d rather dump it and go again with a fwk I have waiting to go in
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    Really malty pale ale

    So it’s lucky goat from mangrove jacks not mountain goat but it’s been 2 weeks in the fermenter today and the sg 1020 is this normal for a brew like this or should I put it on a heat pad it’s sitting at around 20 degrees Celsius and no sign of fermentation visible
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    All inn brewing fwk

    Just wondering if anyone is using these fwk and if they are a quality drop mainly ales
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    Moderation Timeframes?

    I am new to the forum myself and the few posts I have put on still haven’t been looked at ‍♂️ So it’s not really twice a day that posts are moderated
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    Really malty pale ale

    so I just put down a brew which is kinda a toucan I guess 1 can coopers pale ale 1 bag of mountain goat pale ale Roughly 8/850grams what I had left over of ldme I boiled 3 litres of water added all the above and 15g Amarillo pellets and let sit for 20min before adding it to my fermenter and...
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    New to brewing

    hi all beer lovers As a lover of a well hopped ale I decided to start my journey into the realm of home brewing. So I’ve just put down my first batch which is basically a can extract kit put together by Morgan’s to replicate stone and wood pacific ale, the kit comes with a can of pacific ale...
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    Is this dead or alive?

    Hi is there anyone around maclean area that’s into brewing I’m only new to it and would love to chat to a few blokes who know what they are doing Cheers Al