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  1. Alex.Tas

    2019 Tasmanian State Competition

    Hey everyone, congratulations to all entrants in the competition, judging was good fun and in many circumstances it was tough to pick a winner. Here is a copy of the full results Hope to see you all back again next year
  2. Alex.Tas

    Premade BIAB grain bag with wide mesh size

    Thanks for the response guys, i had almost given up on the thread! I have considered a 'malt pipe', but prefer drainage along the walls as well as through the base. Less likely to have a stuck mash (maybe). Wide eyed and legelss: what are the handy pails made from, non reactive plastic that is...
  3. Alex.Tas

    Premade BIAB grain bag with wide mesh size

    Hey everyone, I've currently got a craftbrewer bag which works great for my current needs, but i would like to include temperature automation which will utilise a pump to ensure a consistent temp (as much as practical) throughout the 1v system. Its a crown urn FYI. Anyhow, while the...
  4. Alex.Tas

    FS- 40 litre Birko urn 3000W with BIAB wire rack $180- Central Coast

    Thats a brilliant price. Much better than the price I've paid for my two crown urns in the past. The power of the element is a significant selling point of its own!
  5. Alex.Tas

    Ghetto beer engine for under 10 bucks.

    Just remembered this post, my pump is still rocking after nearly three and a half years of use and abuse! I've found the half carbonation trick works pretty well, so its one drop per longneck instead of two. Or as per my last stout, aim for around 1.2 vol CO2.
  6. Alex.Tas

    Infection Photo Thread

    Are we lookin at acetobacteria here? It's a cider made from home grown and pressed apples. It is around 4ish months old, i haven't racked it or anything, just being lazy and left it in a dark spot in the cellar for a few months. I fermented with 1968. I haven't tasted or had a smell yet, and...
  7. Alex.Tas

    Any interest in a Hobart based home brew club?

    Yep, 8pm start in the back room, upstairs at the new Sydney. Catch you there!
  8. Alex.Tas

    Ghetto beer engine for under 10 bucks.

    Hey dude, sorry for the delayed response. No need to carb them up, but carbing it gives you the option of a bottle conditioned serving.
  9. Alex.Tas

    Having a "crack" at sous-vide

    Is this place a good thread to share some nice sous vide photos? I've been having good experiences with my 20L birko urn i use for sparge water, and my mk2 pump recirculating the water. with around 15L in there and the pump running, just using the temp dial on the side i can keep temps within...
  10. Alex.Tas

    Beersmith 2.3

    Anyone having problems with the mash pH predictor? Ive been using brewers friend in the past to guess my pH as i haven't got a meter. I've read and tested that you need to have the water additions built into a water profile for the mash predictor to take them into consideration. Adding them...
  11. Alex.Tas

    Oxygenating wort before adding yeast

    Here is one such system at a local brewery. wort from the plate chiller going into FV, inline O2 and yeast addition.
  12. Alex.Tas

    2017 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Ive got some 3ish meter gal CHS that i have attached to my fence with trailer jockey wheel clamps. it means i can remove the trellis and leave the clamp on the fence after harvest till i need to erect the trellis again for the following year. The CHS allows me to thread a rope up the inside, and...
  13. Alex.Tas

    2017 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Had a dig around in a couple of my pots from last year this morning. These two plants were grown from cuttings last year. All I did was trim, dip the end in root growing powder, then poked my finger into the prepared soil, then stuck the end of the cutting in. I took the cuttings, as i was...
  14. Alex.Tas

    Oaty ESB recipe

    First of all, your beer looks awesome. Rather than start a new thread, as there is some good information here that doesn't need to be repeated, I'm interested in having a go at a similar beer to this, however tone it down a little. Your OG is 1.056, im after something more in the realms of...
  15. Alex.Tas

    Importance of maintaining wort temperature

    Not all commercial breweries can heat their fermenters effectively to get to a certain ferment temperature. They use big heat exchangers (such as plate chillers) to cool the wort down post boil, which gets them to thier target pitch temperature. The fermenting vats may have a "jacket" which is...