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    Mead - pH & acidity

    Thanks Mark, The comment re raising pH with acid was tongue in cheek.;) My confusion is why add base and acid. If I can’t get both pH and acidity in the ideal spot, which is more important? Best, dam
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    Mead - pH & acidity

    Hi, I've been reading about the importance of pH and acidity when making mead... and, I'm a bit confused. Some say to add acid to get around 0.65% acidity (blend of citric, malic and tartaric acids). Others say to add a buffer such as potassium carbonate to raise the pH to keep it between...
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    Herms Recirculation Rate And Recirculation During Sparge

    Hi Ross, Thanks for your comment, you may be right... Here's my thinking. Keep the recirc flow at around 3 L/m but tap off about 1.5 L/m to the boiler. This way the sparge water would be at least partially recirculated and the idea is that by having longer contact with the mash that the sparge...
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    Auto Sparge Water Top-up

    Hi all, I'm considering an auto sparge water top-up for my next system. I find that I have often let the grain bed get exposed/run dry when sparging. I know better concentration would fix this but an automated alternative would be good... just in case ;) This is my current idea: The...
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    Herms Recirculation Rate And Recirculation During Sparge

    Hi all, I assume most HERMS units use the March pump, rated at 21 L/min. From what I read most HERMS users talk about recirculation rates of 2-3 L/m. 1) Is 2-3 L/m recirculation rate about right? 2) If so, is this done by throttling the pump inlet or outlet? Last, is there any benefit to...
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    150 L Gas Fired Boiler

    Hi All, I have found some 150L SS tanks which I'm considering using for a boiler. The tanks are new and are approx 1m high and 45cm in dia and have a wall thickness of ~1.2mm (my guess) for $290. Due to electricity constraints, I need to gas fire most/all of my equipment (HLT, HERMS, boilers)...