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    JS Preservation Ale - Harvesting yeast

    Hey Bruer, it's filtered and pasteurised. No chance of finding any live yeasties.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I have to agree with Dr_Rocks. I'm surprised that started this thread but haven't replied to any of the comments.
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    Huge All Brand New & Unused Equipment Sale

    I'm sorry to hear, it must be gut wrenching to sell everything before you get to build your dream rig. As it all needs a good home interested in: 3 x 1"/1.5" Tri-Clamp Compatible Butterfly Valve - $35 each 3 x 1"/1.5" Tri-Clamp Compatible 3-Way Tee - $12.50 each 3 x 1"/1.5" Tri-Clamps - $5 each...
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    Glycol chilling and multiple jacketed fermentors

    Very nice, I've acquired a 120L jackets fermenter and been looking at different options. Thanks for sharing.
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    Carbon Dioxide Tanks with Regulators

    I've sent you a private message. Thank you.
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    6 Free fermenters - Sydney Northern beaches

    Hi guys, I have 6 fermenters I'm happy to give away. I'm sure I can find airlocks and taps for them all. I also have atleast a crate of grolsch bottles and 2 cubes I have only used once. Pick up is in Dee Why. Keen to clean this out pretty soon, so give me a yell. Cheers.
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    Spunding Valve

    I'd also be in for 2 if it would go ahead.
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    Spunding Valve

    Hey Crusty, I don't worry about purging with co2, the yeasties will consume and built up the pressure for you . As you said start with 0 and let the pressure build. I also like it as I can see when the ferment has kicked off easier by just checking the pressure gauge.
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    Spunding Valve

    I'm looking forward to hearing how it go's Mardoo. I'm a little over the KK ones. If it works well I can imagine it wouldn't be hard to organize a bulk buy of these.
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    WTB : Magnetic Stir Plate / Refractometer / pH meter : Malvern East ar

    I have to agree with Mofox1, I regularly use my refractometer during the brew day, I don't use a hydrometer at all on the day, then hydro only through the ferment. They also really aren't that expensive, especially considering I'm still using my original one I bought years ago compared to many...
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    Noob Kegging Questions

    I would definitely purge the keg with CO2 before filling it as you mentioned in your first post. Also make sure your fill tube goes to the bottom of the keg when filling. Oxygen will spoil your beer surprisingly quickly.
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    Ginger beer advice, first brew ever

    G'day Jollos, With regards to working out when fermentation is complete it is best to get yourself a hydrometer. They aren't expensive and is the best way to work it out, it'll also let you know what your alcohol content is if you take original and final gravity readings. With regards to back...
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    Keg pressure

    One 6kg bottle will be fine and last you quite a few kegs. Carbing at 250kpa for 48hrs does work if you are in a rush, but you can obviously only do this if uncarbed beer is the only ones hooked up to the gas supply, otherwise it will overcarb your other beers. I generally just set the gas at...