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    Brewer's Friend Premium Membership Giveaway

    Love the product Cheers ~°_°~
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    Chocolate Stout

    Sorry to rant you meant Steeped not boiled hey ? :huh: I would probly try steeping some dark grains etc then boiling the cocoa in that liquor to sanitise - 15minutes maybe ? You only need to boil the other ingredients to either sanitise, (most people don't boil kits...), or some DME...
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    Adding A Habenero Chilli To A Gb

    ? lol Holy hell seems I'm a bit behind thanks for those links etc. That's mad 16million heat unit crystals etc ? Those sauces must be a life changing experience. ^_^
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    Tight Arse Stir Plate

    Thanks mate :chug:
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    Adding A Habenero Chilli To A Gb

    hehe sounds interesting / dangerous. :icon_drunk:
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    Tight Arse Stir Plate

    Hey Wolfy, are you using one of those 3 speed case fans ? no pot mentioned. Cheers
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    Beating Those Grains

    Lol me too
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    Adding A Habenero Chilli To A Gb

    pepper spray beer. :icon_drool2: Problem with these suckers is you can't take em out? why not try a tiny strip or 2 in some of the bottles at bottling time, see if you like it / how hot etc etc. Definitely agree with removing seeds and membranes from habaneros. you get to lick your...
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    Fermenter Question

    :excl: I'm in qld and have had dry enzyme brews take 21 days and still be overcarbed
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    Youtube - Your Favourite Guitar Videos

    :super: Jimmy Page of course professor of sweep picking ? - Frank Gambale mad base style - Victor Wooten live tutorial style
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    6 Fermentors For Sale

    Hi, when you say 4x 23 liter secondarys do you mean pails ? and the carboys are normal screwtop style fermentors ?
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    Homebrew Tragedy! [with Pics]

    love the kegs, bottled for years though with only 2 dangerously over carbed batches... they were both dry enzyme noob kit experiments. wouldn't mind some more details on the brew - processes etc, just out of interest.
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    Everyone Should Make This

    Thanks Neil :) Will give it a go, just like avoiding any dex / sugars etc. What are your experiences using ldme versus lme ? more less body, darkening etc... Cheers
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    Homebrew Tragedy! [with Pics]

    fark! how over carbed was the batch on average. Lucky no one lost an eye etc.
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    Everyone Should Make This

    Q. if you were to replace the dextrose what would you recommend ?