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    I don’t think that’s the equivalent... you can effectively lauter into another vessel From the bottom ball valve and add sparge water without raising the malt pipe. Stop the lauter when you’re either at your boil volume or at the gravity you want to drop at. Then raise malt pipe (which is...
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    All About Canning - Cannular Can Seamers and More...

    Budgiecougar. I was looking at that can seamer in Ali baba. How would you rate the process, quality and usability? Thanks!
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    I have the 50L guten elevated and add 30L of 75deg water and slowly sparge into a keg. When i have the desired volume or get a gravity low enough to stop, I stop, Lift the malt pipe (a lot lighter as not as much wort in there) and pump the wort back in and start the boil. Takes longer, but it’s...
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    Guten whirlpool arm on brewzilla?

    WEAL. When you use the external pump/whirlpool setup do you still have the helix attached or have you flicked that with this method now? Thanks.
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    I want to be a helix believer, but in my last 8/9 brews I haven’t had a successful fermenter transfer. I generally cool until pretty close to pitching temps, but even when I’ve just had it into the 30s (to try and avoid the cold break) I can’t get it to work. Shame, because it really the only...
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    Hop flavour gone after 1 day in keg

    No, we aren’t dead because nobody goes and locally releases mass amounts of cold CO2 above you. I’m not suggesting everything in the atmosphere breaks down from it’s % or composition and falls out and layers IAW it’s molecular mass. If you’re near a massive sinkhole/volcanic vent releasing CO2...
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    Hop flavour gone after 1 day in keg

    Goatchop... All that (very theoretical) work from low oxygen brewing doesn’t recognise the fact that the higher mass and lower temp of CO2 used to purge a keg will make it sink towards the bottom of the keg, no? So when you release via the gas pressure relief valve it will come from the top...
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    Lauter Helix.

    Truman, do you chill or not? I’m trying to find solutions to the helix continually blocking. It’s a PITA. If anyone chills and has a pain free way to transfer out to the fermenter, please yell out.
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    Kegland, I am a customer of yours, but please if you want to defend your reputation or anything else, please do it in another thread. Other users: If you have complaints about a kegland product then please post it in another thread. This forum is being hijacked.
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    West Coast of America Trip

    Portland Ex Novo has great beers and friendly staff. Brewery is just opposite a park and catches some sun. Breakside. Some of my favourite IPAs. Has a couple of locations. Pfriem Seattle If you go to Fremont/Ballard there’s quite a few in the one area. Ruben’s brews, Fremont.. there’s tonnes...
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    Guten / Brew Monk

    I use the 50L. I bought a pulley to lift the grain basket out, but found that it was more beneficial to sparge into a 50L keg instead, lift the lighter grain basket out by hand, pump back in for the boil. Kills two birds with one stone.
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    I can’t see it being a problem. The heating element is in the bottom and you can vary the power output.
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    I get 40L post boil. Ferment in a 50L Sanke keg and then rack to 2 corny kegs. End up pretty much full to the brim with 2x19= 38 L. Wrt the helix, I have had a hell of a time lately. I’m not sure if it’s a vacuum build up or something? I try and start slow and then after a while it just dries...
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    Hey mate. I just bought 50 litre guten and was looking to buy a few things to set up. I'm away...

    Hey mate. I just bought 50 litre guten and was looking to buy a few things to set up. I'm away from the machine (in Melbourne) but heading to the US tomorrow for work. I was going to buy silicon hose for transfers etc. what is the ID of the hose to run from the guten...? 5/16"?? Also, if you...