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  1. LetsMakeBeer
    I drink, therefore I am - René Descartes
  2. Neil Jansen
    Neil Jansen
    Was an extract brewer but I've gone whole grain since December 2018. Now waiting on my 3rd and 4th brews to finish fermenting.
  3. Beamer
    Settled, have reset the brewery and ready to start brewing again
  4. commoo
    commoo northernbrewer
    Hi mate.
    Im interested in buying a mathos controller.
    Just reading back through the old post and see you had a kit for sale.
    Is it still forsale ?

  5. Drewbs
    Drewbs Thomas Wood
    I’ve got some goods arriving in the next few days, I’ll let you know
  6. Western Pergolas
    Western Pergolas
    Pergolas Adelaide
  7. Xander
    Xander taeanbrewer
    Hi Mate,
    You posted a comment a few years back on the La Sirene Saison recipe being printed in a magazine. would you mind sending it across if you still have it? Keen to try brewing a saison, and I love this beer!

  8. smertin
    smertin peaky

    Is your 3V system still available? Interested in upgrading :)
    1. peaky
      Hi mate, yes still available. Let me know if you'd like to have a look etc. Cheers, Dale.
  9. Drewbs
    Drewbs Thomas Wood
    Hey buddy, I did the exact leap you're looking at doing, last year. I've got a robo brew v3 and have done about a dozen batches. Ive knocked out a few ok beers and some freaking crackers too. You're welcome to come and do a brew day here if you like and check it out before you invest. I'm in New lambton 0407 634 714. just send me a text and well lock it in.
    1. Thomas Wood likes this.
    2. Thomas Wood
      Thomas Wood
      Hey mate, thanks for the message. I'll definitely have to take you up on that offer in the future. I've just bought a BIAB and was going to knock over the all grain kit I got for Christmas over on Sunday. If that all goes well hopefully we can both tee up a free day when you do your next brew and I'll watch over your shoulder :) cheers
  10. Terry cross
    Terry cross Coodgee
    Hey mate, I'm in Brisbane and would be keen to buy the tilt. Please let me know if I can buy it.
  11. Nathan McCann
  12. Ironhorse
    Ironhorse bradobrew
    Hi Brado, I'm very interested in the unitank and setup with it. If you think we can get it shipped to ACT for $1000 then you have a sale. Let me know. My postcode is 2611, and I'm certain transdirect or someone could do it at a very reasonable rate.
  13. Twent
    Twent spamisnotham
    How much malt have you got and what is it?
    1. spamisnotham
      Hi Twent - I have

      30% of Bag of 25kg - Heidelberg Best Heidelberg (Pilsner)
      80% Bag of 25kg - Heidelberg Munich
      50% of 25kg Bag Joe White Vienna
      60% of of 10kg Bag Unmalted Biodynamic Barley

      You are welcome to come over and take as much as you like at the $2.5 per kg or I all for a negotiated price.

      Call me on 0432 474 551‬ to arrange a time.


  14. Twent
    Twent xwute
    Hey mate do you still have any malt for sale?
  15. Ben Starling
    Ben Starling
    New brewer 2019
  16. captnhaddock
    Biab'ing Yank
  17. Roosterboy
    Roosterboy joshF
    Josh what city/ town are you in?
  18. Doctor Jay
    Doctor Jay Cortez The Killer
    Hi mate, I’m a home brewer from Nowra. Reading the posts, it appears you are the person to message regarding getting added to the IBU group forum. Let me know if there is someone else I need to contact.
    1. Cortez The Killer
      Cortez The Killer
      I'm on it. Cheers
    2. Cortez The Killer
  19. Kalbrewer
    Golden Dog Brewing
  20. jeff clarke
    jeff clarke Cortez The Killer
    Hi there , Jeff from Brisbane here total newbie to the brewing but have been told that IBU is the go for info ,, so whats the deal on admittance to the group ?
    1. Cortez The Killer
      Cortez The Killer
      I'm on it. Cheers
    2. Cortez The Killer
      Cortez The Killer
      We're you after the Ipswich Brewers Union or the Illawarra Brewers Union?