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  1. Dafra Riveting
  2. cpmk
    New Brew gear arrived!
  3. cpmk
    cpmk bee2gee
    Hi Bee2Gee, Do you still have some fully assembled iSpindel units? Can I get one, mailed to Sydney? Please PM me.
    1. bee2gee
      Seems I can't send you a PM, unsure if your settings on your profile restrict members sending you messages or not, have a quick look
      12/11/18 at 9:49 PM
    2. bee2gee
      Cost for the units:
      standard wemos $35 pro (ext antenna) $45
      Assembly $20
      Postage $8.55 AusPost satchel
      Payment via PayPal invoice (send me your preference and PayPal address)
      12/11/18 at 9:50 PM
  4. keine_ahnung
  5. Redreuben
  6. bee2gee
    bee2gee Andy Malcolm
    Cost for the units:
    Wemos v3 - inbuilt antenna $35
    Wemos pro - external antenna $45

    +$20 per unit for me to build if you want.

    Payment is via PayPal, I just send you an invoice for the unit(s) you wish to order plus shipping. You can send me your PayPal address via a chat message here, just obscure your email address because of spam bots :) something_at_address_com or similar.
  7. bee2gee
    bee2gee Andy Malcolm
    1. Andy Malcolm
      Andy Malcolm
      Will get back to you within a couple of days. Checking if anyone else in my brew club is interested. Thanks
    2. bee2gee
      No worried! The AusPost costs are for 500g, I can fit about 3 units in a 500g satchel, probably push 4 units. Let me know either way :)
  8. Kelton
    Kelton wildburkey
    Hi, do you wish to sell the grain mill separately?
  9. borchz
    borchz fungrel
    hey i was wondering how long it takes to get new post put up, im new to here appoligy for stupid question
  10. Andy Malcolm
    Andy Malcolm bee2gee
    I'm interested to buy 1 or maybe 2 fully assembled iSpindel units shipped to Singapore. Are you able to do ? If so, what would the price work out to be ?
  11. ziggy459
    ziggy459 ShonkytonkBrewer
    How do I claim my prize? rgds Chris
  12. Indian Giver
    Indian Giver
    Can't wait for my 6L keg in an esky around the pool. Eek, any day now!
  13. Heretaunga
    Again because I'm you to kegging how long is it recommended to wait before gassing the keg and serving.
  14. Heretaunga
    Once beer has been fermented and racked can I store kegs at room temperature and and store
  15. Heretaunga
    I'm new to kegging and I need to know how much gas for how long into a 19 litre keg. After fermentation and racking
  16. KegLand-com-au
    KegLand-com-au altone
    Hello you have won our competition so we will send you some multi posts and a free cap.

    Can you please send your address, phone number to and he will sort out the prize for you.
  17. harmz10
    harmz10 2cranky
    Hey mate I’m new to this forum thing I have no message in my
    Inbox? Can you email it to me?
  18. Brewtus
    Busy on the balcony
  19. citizensnips
    citizensnips sp0rk
    Hey mate. any chance you have a shot of your high flow reg?

    Would be interested to see what they look like.

  20. Twent
    Twent spamisnotham
    Send me a text with your address 0456424220 is my number.