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  1. Apimyces
  2. flatrabbit
    flatrabbit gap
    hi Gap its chris from woodford....would you have any use for perle or hallertau flowers?
    1. gap
      Hello Chris,
      Do I know you? did you cut down my tree?
      I would be interested in a small quantity of each
      18/8/18 at 12:19 AM
  3. flatrabbit
    flatrabbit matho
    hey its Chris from interested in some hop flowers?
  4. altone
    Finally back after moving to 3 countries then 4 deaths and a few health issues.
  5. altone
    Due to complex issues including overseas relocations, health issues for me and family and a number of deaths of loved ones,
  6. Gee Tee
    Gee Tee wide eyed and legless
    Hi there. I have just joined and my message may take a while to get onto the forum.. could you please put me down for theee valves. Thanks
  7. husky
    hop addict
  8. Dom
    Dom AHB_Admin
    Hi admin,
    I am trying to give away some free grolsh swing top bottles.
    There are two members interested but as a new member I can't send them a pm with my address.
    Is there any way I can do this?
    1. AHB_Admin
      I just approved more of your posts, so you should be able to have private conversations now. Let me know if you still cannot send a private conversation.
      Dom likes this.
  9. kyle mccormack
    kyle mccormack
    Can anyone help looking for a Tooheys extra dry, iron jack or Melbourne bitter recipe
  10. Gazza1958
    Gazza1958 Belgrave Brewer
    do you have any Cascade, Chinook left please and post to adelaide 5084 send PayPal or bank code
  11. f15h
    f15h Wingyan123
    Hi, you are selling a simlilar product to the Guten BM-S500M-1? Can you send specifications?
    1. Wingyan123
      Certainly. Please check your email.
  12. SamRyan
    SamRyan Belgrave Brewer
    G'day mate, is this the PM system? I'm still a noob so am not sure where to find everything.

    My email is if you want to send banking info -

    I'm keen for one Centennial and one Cascade rhizome, sent to Aldinga, South Australia
    1. Belgrave Brewer
      Belgrave Brewer
      Email sent
  13. Binetti
    Binetti Mrmole
    Hey hey!
    Came here to see if anyone has a cheap mill....
    Saw you have joined up and have asked for you to be connected the Illawarra Brewer's Union - I think it's invisible unless you're given access.
    Also see now that there is a local brewer's Real Ale Fest next Saturday 7th August, in Bulli. We should pop in for a quick one and say hi!
  14. Owen Stafferton
    Owen Stafferton AJ80
    hey mate can i grab a mt hood and a chinook? new to this not sure how to pm?
  15. eviltabouleh
    eviltabouleh Nj11
    Sorry for the delayed reply. Can I buy a kit for the ispindel?. If you could send me your bank or PayPal details and I'll transfer the $$ .
    1. Nj11
      I'm clearly just as bad with the delay, sorry! I think i should have enough but am heading away again this weekend, i will have to confirm sunday night/next week, if you haven't found everything off someone else. I'm in Melbourne FYI
    2. eviltabouleh
      I'm in Newcastle but I can't imagine it will be very big to post unless it is a hassle for you let me know. thanks
  16. Gusk
    I am the president of the SA Brewing Club.
  17. Weeks Building Group
    Weeks Building Group
    Builders Adelaide
  18. Toppcat
    Toppcat jerrys_bus
    Hi Jerry, I work at Richmond. Can I collect this on Monday afternoon? I finish work at 3:30. You can contact me on 0409 924 588.
  19. jerrys_bus
    jerrys_bus BarryBeerLover
    no mate not in melboure, im in nth west sydney
  20. Toppcat
    Toppcat jerrys_bus
    G'day Jerry. I'm interested in the fv enclosure. I've repiled to your post on the forum. Where abouts in the Hawkesbury district are you?
    I can probably pick it up today or tomorrow if that suits you.
    1. jerrys_bus
      I'll be at home on sat & sun
    2. jerrys_bus
      Call me on 0437893735