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  1. Chods1
    Just coming back
  2. tayranosaurus
    tayranosaurus hop_it
    HI just let a friend know about the tap and font your selling, is it still kicking around?
  3. meathead
    meathead loco88
    I’ll give you $120 for the bottle and reg
  4. zoigl
    zoigl Garfield
    Hi Garfield, I only used 2 taps, 1 for beer, 1 for soda water and 1 remains brand new. It does reset itself to 10 c after a power blip, I usually set it at 3-4 c.
    The taps are still uninstalled after our move from Adelaide.
  5. KegLand-com-au
    KegLand-com-au Lord Raja Goomba I
    Let me introduce myself,

    I have been working in the beer industry for many years but recently have joined forces with some of the ex-staff from Keg King. Myself and several highly experienced brewers are going to manage this account and we hope to be an active part of the forum scene.

  6. If_not
    If_not Cortez The Killer
    Hello, could I please be added to the IBU forum? Cheers :)
  7. RickyC
    Certified Cicerone
  8. mcgrec
    mcgrec balconybrewer
    Hi Mate,

    Hi Mate, how much are you chasing for brew rig, would require shipment to wa as well


    Cheers Chad
  9. mcgrec
    mcgrec kook
    Hi Mate,

    Am keen to check out your brew rig, away at work for another week tho will be in touch.


    Cheers Chad
  10. DWC
    DWC aussiechucka
    Happy new year! I'll take 2 boards please. PM your acc. n I'll transfer money.
    Could you also send me links for all the other parts you bought so I know it will all fit.
    Cheers, Dave
    1. aussiechucka
      PM sent
  11. Chrishendo
    I'm in a great place - not emotionally - its just that my last batch is ready to drink and I'm stood in front of the fridge.
  12. Chrishendo
    Currently at work in Iraq :-(
  13. Dwayne Dibley
    Dwayne Dibley aussiechucka
    Hi I will take four boards etc (ISpindle) if you can ship to Canada.
    1. aussiechucka
      Sorry mate it would cost more for shipping than it would for the boards.
  14. BURGO817
    BURGO817 dingodidit
    Hey mate,

    I’m on the coast atm, could you send through some pics of the kit to:
  15. Jack of all biers
    Jack of all biers
    Christmas keg has off flavours from a likely wild yeast infection. Merry F**ing Christmas.
  16. stanko
    stanko mtb
    Hi Mate ,been looking @ buying that winch ,how is it
  17. mofox1
    mofox1 bradsbrew
    Can't see you post from this morning any more (too critical of the overlords?)... but cheers for the years. Brew on and post well.
  18. scooterism
    Over $300 worth of centre drills for $14, thanks Toatal Tools. $2 bargin bin anytime.
  19. Hermies
    Hermies Eggs
    Hi Eggs when can I drop in to pick up the fermenter as I will be brewing another batch next weekend thanks Hermies ( Mike )
  20. Batz