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  1. Belgrave Brewer
    Belgrave Brewer megs8888
    Hi Wayne, let me know what questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them. Cheers, Brad
  2. ginger junky
    ginger junky
    i put some in a soda streem to give it some kick but that didnt end well either.
  3. ginger junky
    ginger junky
    coowee and gday i have made some shocker flat ginger beer its as flat as a toad on the bruce hwy
  4. megs8888
    megs8888 Belgrave Brewer
    Hi mate I am getting into homebrew and would like to get some advise on your setup if possible? regards Wayne
  5. Stephen1995
    Stephen1995 Lex
    Gday, my names Stephen, and I enquired about the bottles, my phone number is 0420 236 370. Cheers
  6. vk4akp
    On the Piss! ;)
  7. DirkL
    DirkL bee2gee
    Hi Bee2gee,
    If you still offer them, I would be interested to get or build one, but would need the parts and instructions for built and setup. Shipping would be to qld 4075 near Brisbane. Can you email me on ?
  8. Bj_donovan
    Bj_donovan joshF
    Hi Josh

    Brendan here, let me know you number so we can sort out pickup of kegerater and regulator. my number is 0467585099
  10. FarsideOfCrazy
    FarsideOfCrazy scooter75
    Hi scooter. If you are looking to split I'd be interested in the digital refrac. Just message me if you want to split
  11. Ballaratguy
    Ballaratguy Meddo
    How much are you asking for the smart Pi?
  12. jer88
    Hi lads, I can't get my 2200w element to boil, it only gets to 97 degrees, even with 15lt water. Has any one else had this trouble?
  13. Wayne Cooper
    Wayne Cooper MHB
    i really need the main keg seal. the ones i bought are round and circular and don't seal near foot posts. they don't seem as flat or soft as original
  14. MHB
    MHB Wayne Cooper
    If you need any parts send me a message. I suspect your account hasn't been fully activated yet - ask admin so you can PM.

  15. Wayne Cooper
    Wayne Cooper MHB
    however the main seals for lids i bought won't fit. are there several types. the ones i bought are round and circular in profile and leak near feet when i try to use them. the ones that came with the kegs are are more oval in shape and are flatter on the bottom and more circular on top to fit into the profile on the inside of the keg. post 2
  16. Wayne Cooper
    Wayne Cooper MHB
    mark, tried to reply to your post re: mytton kegs. found it very helpful in stripping down posts. post 1
  17. dexterstu
    dexterstu Rle
    Hi, just wondering if you have any 6 tap fonts for sale at the moment?
  18. Grmblz
    Grmblz Coalminer
    having said that one of my inters was a bit sticky, they replaced it without issue but at these prices who cares. I do not have fc I have heard mixed reports about them, apparently fc disconnects are the way to go, I prefer to tune the pipe length. cheers G well f**k me they censored out the other site, so much for freedom of speech.
  19. Grmblz
    Grmblz Coalminer
    pm's limited to 420 characters so 2 parts. Sorry for the pm I've been banned from the kk thread, apparently they don't like criticism, I believe intertaps are a kl product (i've got 6 of the ss) kk do ultra taps I think, according to ************************ forum the ultras are a poor copy of the inters and the parts are not interchangeable,
  20. Adam Brown
    Adam Brown Matt89
    Hey mate, saw a post from a few years back saying that you're a fridgie in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Got a couple of little fridges that I need to either fix or replace. No idea if they're worth fixing. If you're interested can you message or call me on 0487 758 786?