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New Profile Posts

  1. brentonsav
    brentonsav bee2gee
    Hi bee2gee. I'm interested in an ispindle delivered to 6100. Can you please confirm if you can supply?
  2. Cortez The Killer
    Cortez The Killer madjaffa
    Organising IBU access now. Cheers
    1. madjaffa likes this.
  3. Grmblz
    Grmblz Highland
    OK only allowed 420 characters, and to answer your question requires a fair bit more, you can email me if interested in the whole kk/kl thing, why prices are all over the place, and why the LHBS's hate kl. cheers G
  4. J_Keefy84
    J_Keefy84 AHB_Admin
    Hi Admin, how can I change my username? it used to be J_Keefy84 or something like that, but when I posted something for the first time, it posted as my email
    1. AHB_Admin
      I have changed your name. Remember to use this new name when logging in.
  5. alpinebrews
    alpinebrews MichaelM
    Hi, i want to buy your last straw filler but my post is yet to be approved. Can you message me back to arrange details please?
  6. BrewsWayne
    BrewsWayne bee2gee
    I am interested in getting at least 2) iSpindel. I am in Colorado, USA. Can you ship there?
    What are the options and costs.
    Thank you,
    1. bee2gee
      Hey Wayne, shoot me an email to if you can. Shipping may vary to the states.
  7. keine_ahnung
    keine_ahnung J-Warnie
    Hey mate,
    wanted to send you a quick message regarding brewing alc-free beer but looks like I'm not able to...
  8. mrjonesdog
    mrjonesdog inkbird
    Hello, I won and Inkbird, how do I claim.
    1. inkbird
      HI,mc666 won the giveaway.I have sent it to him.Could you please check the giveaway activity again?Thank you.INKBIRD
  9. WEF
    WEF bee2gee
    Hi bee2gee, im interested in the iSpindel. i just emailed you with my email (
  10. matt77
    matt77 Dorz
    Hi mate.
    Those long necks still collecting dust?
  11. krz
    krz fungrel
    Pretty piss poor deleting the KK vs KL thread.
    Whats next, deleting any mention of KK?
  12. mrjonesdog
    mrjonesdog inkbird
    Hello, I recently won an Inkbird Promotion on AHB. I would like the IBT-4XC. My address in Mark McPherson 51 Moonlight Drive, Jubilee Pocket, Qld 4802. Cheers Mark
    1. inkbird
      Hi,do you mean giveaway?Which giveaway do you win?Thank you
    2. mrjonesdog
      it was the IBT-4XC contest about a month ago.
  13. AJ80
    AJ80 James A
    Hey mate,
    Have goldings, Mt Hood and wild goldings from the Otways left. Let me know what you're after. Cheers.
  14. James A
    James A AJ80
    Hi mate, I'm in Kyneton and keen to pick up some rhizomes. What do you have left?
  15. Ed Tacey
    Ed Tacey malt junkie
    hey mate - I note you have built some Brewpiless boards up - you have any stock left over and or interested in building 3 for me ?
  16. Ed Tacey
    Ed Tacey bee2gee
    Keen to have ispindle kit built and shipped to sydney - Are you still doing them ?
    1. bee2gee
      Sure am, looks like we sorted it out via email :)
  17. Mooshtucka
    Mooshtucka AJ80
    Hey mate
    RE 1x chinook + 1x mt hood rhyzomes + postage, my email is shoot through your details and I will make the transfer and send you my addy. Thanks.
    1. AJ80 likes this.
  18. AHB_Admin
    AHB_Admin Belgrave Brewer
    Belgrave Brewer is not selling at this time due to some family/friend issues that have come up.
  19. ACM_09
    ACM_09 Cortez The Killer
    Hi Cortez I am in Towradgi and also hoping to get access to the IBU forum. Cheers
    1. Cortez The Killer
      Cortez The Killer
      Sorting it out now. Cheers
      ACM_09 likes this.
  20. Skinner
    Skinner Cortez The Killer
    Hi Cortez I am a brewer from Fairy Meadow hoping to get access to the IBU forum Cheers.
    1. Cortez The Killer
      Cortez The Killer
      On it. Cheers
    2. Cortez The Killer