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  1. Navigator
    owner of a kegerator just getting back into home brewing after 15 years.
  2. Ironhorse
    Ironhorse brewberries
    Hi mate, where abouts in Canberra are you - I'm also in Canberra. Happy for you to pm
  3. Vic
    Circle of Life. I brew, I drink, I brew, etc.
  4. BrewWild
    Sour & Wild Fermented Home-brew Competition in Sydney - 27th July 2019
  5. Vic
    Circle of life. I brew, I drink, I brew, etc.
  6. huey
    The last brew might have been a bit too strong?
  7. Jez
    Jez neonmeate
    Forgot my email -
  8. Jez
    Jez neonmeate
    Hi, not sure if you’re still brewing but in my freezer I’ve got some 250g bricks of flowers from 2006 - nugget, POR & hallertau - and a 1kg brick of POR from 2010 which I had plans to use in a sour beer but haven’t got around to it. If you’re still brewing I thought you might be interested in some. Cheers, Jeremy
  9. Muzzaguzza
    Muzzaguzza terragady
    Hi There
    Would you have any of those caraftbeerpi boards left by any chance?

  10. mongey
    mongey Brewman_
    hey brewman. I joined your website yesterday. do I need tt do anything else to get access to the recipe builder ?
    1. Brewman_
      Hi Mongey, I need to activate the new accounts and have done that now. You should have got an email notification. So should be good to go.
    2. mongey
      thats a pretty cool thing you got going there .postage may be a killer for me . where are you guys located ?
  11. engineersupert
    engineersupert olyerhoek
    Hi mate Fridge is still available feel free to call me on 0477013734
  12. olyerhoek
    olyerhoek engineersupert
    Hi, I'm interested in the temperature controlled fridge if it is still available. Cheers, Edgar 0417 170 167
    1. engineersupert
      Hi yes still available will PM you
  13. citizensnips
    citizensnips MartinOC
    Hey Martin,

    Just saw the stuff regaring Clever Brewing and was wanting to know where you guys will be shipping from in future?

    In other words if I order liquid yeast from CB is it likely to sit in transit for 3 days if it's from somewhere else.

  14. Grok
    Just Brew, you know you want it!
  15. Charst
    Charst olyerhoek
    Hey how you going? missed your post till today. Im home tomorrow after about 3ish.
    Then Sunday nights ok too. phone numbers 0409376867. Ash
  16. Tom_Bombadil
  17. Tony Spalding
  18. Tony Spalding
    Tony Spalding
  19. ToneBrew
    ToneBrew chookherder
    Hi Chookherder, the $110 homebrew gear is located in Redcliffe, about 3hrs from kyogle. When could you pick it up? Sorry, can't find the PM on my phone.
  20. Dunk
    Raspberry stout in the fermenter