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In Topic: Food Gardening

Yesterday, 10:29 PM

I'd say they dropped off the radar because they reminded people of poverty and hard tomes. Same reason offal or even meats like rabbit are loss common (but revived/popular in more gourmet circles).

My guess only.

In Topic: 10 minute IPAs are good for school night brewing

Yesterday, 10:03 PM

10 min boil is a great idea.

Just follow it up with another 5 x 10 minute boils. Personally I like to do 9 or so in a row on the same wort.

In Topic: Stout Carbonation (Keg)

Yesterday, 01:15 PM

I find 120 kpa for about 20 - 24 hrs at around 19 deg C gets my stouts to where I want them. Other beers that get a bit more fizz will be 120 for 30- 40 hrs. That converts to less than half the pressure you were recommended and while I don't like super fizzy (or super cold), my guess is you're overcarbed.

In Topic: 10 minute IPAs are good for school night brewing

28 May 2017 - 12:13 PM

I think the point to be taken is that you can try any and every technique as long as you have an understanding of why and how you achieve the results you do (and the results you want). For example, in Mardoo's link, a very pertinent correlation is shown between beer stability and protein due to short/no boil.

Very different story to blindly following brulosophy or simply trying to cut as many corners as possible but still make booze.

In Topic: Style Of The Week 27/9/06 -oktoberfest/marzen

26 May 2017 - 01:34 PM

As I said, my 50 pils, 25/25 munich/vienna is for alt, so I'd be inclined to increase the pils and lower the other bases.

Yes you want malty but not malteser.