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1st brew question

08 January 2017 - 09:59 PM

I'm very new to this so apologies for asking simple questions. My first brew I attempted Stone and Wood pacific Ale last Friday (dec 30) OG - 1040. Took a reading on 6th Jan and was 1014. Little high I thought? I was under the impression FG would be 1010?
Did another reading this evening and it was 1014 again.
Controlled fermentation of 19-20 degrees.
I have given the fermenter a little swirl to see if I can activate yeast as I thought FG needs to be 1010.
Am I overthinking it?
Is it ready to bottle?
Have I ruined it by swirling it?

Hardest thing is being patient with being first brew but I'm happy to leave and bottle at 2 week mark.

Thanks in advance. Any info will be great [emoji3][emoji106]