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punk rock lemonade and ginger beer

13 January 2017 - 04:19 PM

happy friday everybody 

so ive got a verry busy brewing weekend 

first .... tonight im going to be making (currently typing this while i bring my water to a boil) a lemonade and a ginger beer .... both with recepies i found on AHB, that got good feedback.


and i will be calling both these creations punk rock lemonade/ginger beer for the simple fact that i was listening to the clash, the sexpistols, the off spring and the dead kenedys........... 


both are 11 liter batches because i doubt ile need 20 odd litres of either of them,,,, ide rather use my bigger fermenter for the golden ale pack i just picked up..


so i shal keep u all posted as to how these 2 go. 




700gm grated ginger

1 lemon

2 limes

2 sticks of cinnamon

500gm brown sugar

500gm dark brown sugar

700gm mixed blossum honey

cream of tartar


prety simple ... boiled it for 45 min.... let it sit for 30 min added top fermenter topped up and let cool untill i pitch the yeast




16 lemons 

3 limes

cinnamon stick

small amount of ginger 

500 gm brown sugar

700gm dex 

300gm honey


zest lemons and scrape flesh out.

put everything except dex and lemmon flesh into pot of hot water ... boil for 30 min

take off boil let cool for 20 min.... add lemmon flesh and dex let sit for 30 min ,,,,, andd to fermenter top up with water bla bla bla 


lemon sitting around 1.050


ginger beer is still cooling i will update as soon as i pitch my yeast







Bringing back nannas old ginger beer.

09 January 2017 - 11:23 AM

So when i was a kid i spent alot of time at my nannas house while my parents worked. Shes the coolest (im 27 and i still think shes cool af lol). One of my fondest memmories is allways having ginger beer in the fridge.... and being told off for grabbing "adults" bottles. So i thought ide thought ide make some myself.

Unfortunately nana never wrote down her recipes so im just going on the ingredients and im unsure howmuch..
Cinnamon sticks
White sugar ..

Now im not gonna use her old method of using the yeast in tge ginger skin to ferment im gonna use packet yeast.... do u think a packet off the top of a tin would work well enough or should i use something different?

Allso thinking i might do a lemonaide aswell.... just to keep the refreshing summertime drinks flowing..

Thanks for any advice on either of these

NYE brew day .... first brew day ever

31 December 2016 - 12:44 PM

hi all. happy new year hope your all have a awesome new year.


im doing my first brew today. i picked up a brewcraft 150 lashes clone box ... now i hav a few questions 

1. the box says to heat on the stove top the light malt extract but not the pilsner malt extract..... should i heat them both on the stove top and if im heating it when should i add it befor boiling the hops or after?


thanks for any help  

Newbie from adelaide

19 December 2016 - 02:07 PM

Merry Christmas to you all. Im new to this game long time beer lover first time brewing. I havent even done my first brew yet im just slowly putting my kit togeather... if anyone has any sugestions or tips on brewing on a budget please let me know....

Allso dose anyone have any sugestions on recepys to start off with ? I enjoy most larger, ipa, golden ales and a few dark ales n stouts (mostly the coffe n choc veritys)
Any help would me muchly apreciated