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Today, 08:40 PM

My question pertains only to post primary fermentation, and the following weeks past bottling.

In Topic: Bottle Conditioning Temp

Today, 07:51 PM

I did some experiments a few months ago and reported the results here. Net result was that the bottles got to full pressure in 3 - 4 days.

Appreciated, you have gone above and beyond.
Are there other factors past carbonation for which temperature will affect taste?

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Today, 07:46 PM

They keep threatening they will open an Aldi in my city/town/flyspeck. Happening this year reportably.
Social harmony in this place is at an all time low, but hey, at least I might be able to buy some cheap sheet this year without travelling 500kms. Makes it all worth while.

In Topic: Bottle Conditioning Temp

Today, 07:23 PM

So the addition of priming sugars will see the needed developments for yeast in the first three days?! Too easy, that'll streamline things nicely. Thank funk this sort of research isn't left up to me, or everyone would be pissing in their f.v, stirring it with their schlong, and hoping for the best.

In Topic: Bottle Conditioning Temp

Today, 02:43 PM

In summation- if you bottle in hot climates, treat the first 2 weeks in the bottle as you would a primary ferment.

Exactly the advice I've been after. Thank you. I just don't have enough temp stable storage options.
My idea is after bottling I will place the bottles in my 2nd fridge, also temp controlled, leave for 2-3 weeks, then place in storage.
Unfortunately this seems a bit of messing around but it should be worth it.