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In Topic: Hydrogen peroxide sanitizer

Yesterday, 08:26 PM

Off topic (sorry) but out of interest would any chemists like to elaborate on the "dodecylbenzene" component of the starsan molecule. Particularly the "benzene" ring and it's fate. My very limited knowledge of benzene is that it's a baddie?

In Topic: Hydrogen peroxide sanitizer

Yesterday, 07:28 PM

I put the Morgans at correct concentration in a 500mL spray bottle covered with duct tape (keeps the light out) and spray fine mist over stuff to sanitise. It lasts about a month before it runs out.

I also hit everything with a bit of boiling water to be on the safe side. Seems to do the job.

In Topic: Hydrogen peroxide sanitizer

Yesterday, 07:02 PM

60mL/1000mL is 6% .. But as you only have a 50% solution.. Half of 6% is 3%.

Lyrebirds calcs are correct to obtain a 3% solution.

The "Morgans" brand sanitiser I purchased has listed 2.95% hydrogen peroxide, but it also says to dilute that to 30mL in one litre. 3% of 60mL if you like.

3% of 60mL is 1.8mL.

Long story short... 2mL in a litre should do the trick.

In Topic: Stout Carbonation (Keg)

Yesterday, 10:32 AM

Line length was my issue when setting up my kegging system.

Nowadays like lax I just 'set and forget' at serving psi for a week to reduce stuff ups. You can still give the keg a shake the first couple days using set and forget to speed things up a bit.

In Topic: Dr Rudi (Super Alpha) hop variety not in Australia?

Yesterday, 08:37 AM

Great read, thanks theHC.


Awesome what Hamish is doing over there, hope they are successful. I love the whole "we grow everything we put in our brew" philosophy.