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BrewmaniacEx Next gen Brauduino with WiFi and Web front end

13 May 2017 - 03:25 PM

So I've been teasing a little with dribs and drabs of info on this. At last the boards arrived!!! I'll start soldering up a few over the next week or so I still have some parts on their way, though these are local so should take no more than a week or two to get in.


The project was derived from Ardbir which derived it's origins from the original Matho's controller. The board I've created is a bolt in for Lael's kit purely to make initial testing easier, I'm still to sort standoff sizings, but screw holes seem to line up ok.


This first board has some screen printing missing (hey it's my first try, something had to go wrong), lets just hope the workings are all there. I'll be soldering up three of these, then make some updates; get the screen print right, and get some more printed.


This is the thread on the project on HBT and the Github page.

Pic to come.

Are Cheeky Peak closing shop?

08 May 2017 - 01:08 PM

Was brousing their site and came a cross this. Seems like they're getting out of brewing commercially at least.  And not a bad buy for anyone looking to step up into the brew pub arena. Just hope the HB side of the business remains.

Has me wondering if they just went to big too soon.

More Emoticons

16 April 2017 - 11:46 AM

As the title says, we've had the same limited number of emoticons for foreva, and these days even Warnie has a set of his own. I'm sure from an IT point of view it wouldn't be a huge task to update and add some more.



What say YEE??

about that project ......

29 October 2016 - 12:18 PM

As most avid home brewers find there are so many things that are just not an off the shelf item or said equipment is hellishly expensive. So down the path of DIY we go. For some of us it becomes almost half the hobby, with upgrades continually taking place. It's when you get 3 or more projects on the go it really becomes interesting and things start falling behind or put on the back burner.

So if like me you have a few brew DIYs that are in the works post em here.

Attached File  1477706990346.jpg   38.36KB   40 downloads
Future baby 1v
Attached File  1477707070035.jpg   30.98KB   40 downloads
Still needs the top made up but it does work
Attached File  1477707153072.jpg   40.35KB   42 downloads
Need to put a controller in before the conical arrives
Attached File  1477707240314.jpg   44.56KB   40 downloads
Needs a bit of a refurb, it's going to be for conditioning.
Attached File  1477707352046.jpg   40.42KB   41 downloads
Last but not least my latest keezer project.

Tale of Woe

05 September 2016 - 12:09 PM

It's been nearly a year since we decided to move from Western Sydney 1000k's south to country Victoria. We moved from a huge 7 bedroom place with big  double garage and storage to boot. In moving we ditched 3 fridges (one a 6 keg 4 tap kegerator with TV attached) of course I stripped these down and kept the hardware for latter use. On the trip down the TV got smashed and the urn crushed, sight glass broken. :angry:


We moved into a tiny 2 bedder(renting), a single garage that leaked water and dust. I did get a few brews down once everything got settled, built myself a cute Keezer, things were on the up and up; however I found as time went on my cubes were getting infected. I took a break from brewing for a month or so. When I eventually got the urge to brew, I found that my entire kit was covered in mold inside and out. Further inspection revealed the worst, the entire property was riddled with it. Some how I'd been lucky enough to get a few brews through without infection, however I knew there was no way I could now that mold was through the lot.  :angry2:


A couple of months on and we have moved again (I hate moving) to newer, bigger; double garage with some workshop type space and no mold. I got the old urn out and got it pretty close to straight and crown sent me a few sight glasses. Set up the brauclone for keg CIP and gave half the kegs(I have a lot I"ll do the rest in a month or two) a 40min 5% caustic wash, once done I broke down the fittings on the brauclone, including the valves and gave it all a clean. I had done the ferment fridges and keezer with Domestos over the previous days and loaded the keezer with 3 kegs of beer that had some how survived the biological nightmare. Job done right! All good!! And it was my birthday so 2 kegs get hooked up and beers are enjoyed.   :D The following day I found a missing washer for the third tap and hooked it up! :D


Fathers day arrives, beer undies from the 5yo son says so much!! Around lunch I headed to the shed with a glass, pulled on the middle tap and nothing. I open the keezer to discover the keg has dispensed itself into the kezzer and my kegs are swimming in 9L of stout.


The beer gods are NOT being kind gentlemen.


Once more unto the breach  fellow brewers (cleaning products in toe)


Where'd I put that clever blokes number???