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Suck the air out of your hop flowers before dry hopping?

31 March 2017 - 07:56 PM

Just an experiment and wondering if its worth it.

Fresh dried hop flowers into the keg then filling it with beer my thought is that the flowers are very ,fluffy? holding lots of air pockets etc. Oxygen being the enemy of hop aroma I am trying this method. 

I'm either getting desensitized to hop aroma (I don't think its that) or I'm just not getting the results I want despite efforts. 


Trial method:

Boil hop sock with stainless steel weight to sanitize. 

Fill hop sock with fluffy new hop flowers then put that filled hop sock into a vacuum seal bag and , vacuum seal it ready for the keg. Basically to suck all the air out of those fluffy flowers so they don't introduce that air/oxygen into the beer.



Then a technique I think I first read from forum member Coldspace I think. That is to fully purge keg with co2 is to fill keg with water then force feed co2 into keg to push out all the water is the only real way to purge a keg of all oxygen?

When keg is empty of water and full of co2 then release pressure on remove lid and pop in the hop sock.

Then fill with beer via closed loop co2 pressure technique.


Anyway fingers crossed I get a better result with this fussing about. :unsure:


Is it sound theory? Any experiences to share? 


Cheers. :chug:



Any fridge doctors give a diagnosis?

27 March 2017 - 04:00 PM

My temp controlled fridge I think has faulted. The light works. Its not my temp controller.

Its not turning on now I'm trying to chill a 40lt batch.

The small freezer at the top is very warm inside. Unnaturally warm when its should normally be freezing when I chill.

Cant pull the fridge out to look in the back but is their maybe a reset switch or anything or is it doomed?




Just a paranoid thought I think but I had a blender die on me yesterday too. Just recently had Solar installed on my roof but as far as I know the power supplier guy hasn't switched it onto my house yet but I think I'm barking up the wrong tree there.


Describe your Home Grown Hop Harvest Beer

23 March 2017 - 07:04 PM

Describe your Home grown Harvest beer experiences.


Ha. That is a question beyond my own vocabulary.


I'm Drinking a Chinook Ale that's in the mid balance of APA.


Small bit of a neutral bittering hop like magna for ~60 minute to get 1/3rd of the total IBU level. Then a pillow full amounts at end of boil and hop stands to make up the rest of the IBU level.

That's how I'm wrangling my harvest ales.


How are you doing it?


Anyway this fresh Chinook forward beer to really get to know fresh Chinook is: funky, pungent, unknown cant describe or relate the smell or flavour. Maybe all the connoisseurs of hop flavour testers are better reference haha.

All I know is its real fresh like organic beer and its good. Even if I, or you may frown in unfamiliarity.  



A predicament. What to do? 1 brew split in 2 then combined?

19 March 2017 - 03:06 PM

I brewed 40lt German Ale and no chilled in two 20lt cubes. The whole plan to pitch next weekend in the 50lt kegmenter when its free.

This morning found 1 lid split. I am stepping up the yeast and its in high krausen so I set up the 23lt keg to pitch half the starter and ferment that half now. Problem is different amounts of hop matter in the two cubes one will be more bitter than the other, maybe a lot, or one will be under bittered.


Question: Can I ferment this half then next weekend transfer it into the 50lt kegmenter and add the other half? To blend the two halves so its the way it was meant to be rather than 2 separate brews that will probably have stuffed up balance? 


If so should I add more o2 to the second half? Considering the first half will be brewed out already?


I'm also thinking the yeast will have stepped up enough in the first half to take care of the second half?


Careful planning out the window on this one darn it...


any advice welcome...


Synthetic yeast developement

10 March 2017 - 05:12 PM

I couldn't help but post this after hearing it today and immediately think of how it may be able to design certain brewing yeast strains ha..
So all the Frankenstein fears all come with crazy new science like being able to synthesize life etc.  



They make synthetic embryo but cant let it develope for more than 14 days. So far.

That's the law for all embryo I believe.


Crazy science.....