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Hop Randal experiments not good

05 February 2017 - 02:35 PM



So this is kegmented beer that's finished naturally carbonated, then chilled, then transferred to serving kegs that's in the pic. Dry hopping with pressure fermented/carbonated technique is limited to dry hopping in the serving keg IMO which works quite well (as long as you put the hop sock in the serving keg before its filled, and remove it after 5 to 7 days) but I had to try the Randal technique and have to say I'm disappointed. The picture above I used 60g Gallaxy flowers that I also chopped up to help release the lupilin etc. Filled one of the two serving kegs via the Randal. The beer that wasn't run through the Randal was good.

In theory this is the same as running your beer through the Randal to the tap.

I also tried the Randal inline to the tap as well and was disappointed. One thing you cant seem to purge it of gas bubbles. So when fizzy beer goes through it releases bubbles and flattens the beer somewhat. Lots of froth inside the randal etc. very slow transfer too.

As for flavours it was not complimentary. It was kinda grassy, vegetal flavour.

I tried it with Victoria flowers too but I'm not a great fan of Victoria hop flavour anyhow but it was kinda gross.


Anyway we cant always share successes. I've quickly read through older threads on this but they go back years now.


Any more recent development or tricks on this technique for success? 




Fruit and nuts. In mash or boil?

10 September 2016 - 10:46 AM

Did a bit of a search but didn't hit the nail on the head for the question.


So I'm intrigued by the cereal mash thing. To go more out of the square I'm curious about dried fruit and nuts into something dark most probably. Maybe call it Nutty Fruitcake Stout or something.

So obviously I'll have to crush the nuts and seeds but definitely wont be putting them through my mill.

I bought this stuff for healthy snacks but not really into it but thinking of putting all the below into something special.

Question is:

Do I put it in the mash?

In the boil?


or like a cereal mash in a separate pot eg.

10% of the main grain bill in a pot with the cereals/flours/meal etc and fruit and nuts. Raise to 50c for 15min, then boil for 15 minutes. Then add that into the main mash using whatever means so that its all mixed together at saccharificiation temps  for the main mash step?


Using these. Not sure of the cereals or flours I'll use if any.



PET bottles multi size and colors.

28 August 2016 - 08:54 PM

We only have the 740ml option in brown. What about a better range. 

Who do we look to for such a thing. For beer brewing of course from 330ml to 3000ml. 

In brown, but I would like in total black. Or green for Cider etc. Why stop there. Any size, any color.

What's the possibilities?

Honestly I understand the purity of glass but if its not for long time. More like shorter time turnover and portability then PET bottles are the best. Safety etc and draught transfer capable for the home brewer/kegger.


What say you? who can we ball bust for such a range.

Are you scared of your Census 2016?

09 August 2016 - 09:27 PM

Discuss. :P



IMO. Anyone could find or feel reasons uncomfortable to fill it out. Then again everyone sacrificed privacy to be on facebook. Or reasons not to fill it out threaten fines up to $180 a day until it is submitted. :lol:

Personally I cant be bothered fearing anything anymore. What's the point? It took 15 minutes and I said its ok to release my information after 99 years.

Fear mongering truly seems a common commodity these days. Or was it comedy? commodity?  


edit: (I sware this keyboard or the computer is faulty) :chug:

Lager on tap 3 weeks from brew day

28 July 2016 - 08:42 PM

Not trying to blow smoke up my own arse here. If anything I will say I'm no connoisseur and cant notice the negatives of a green beer. If I've still got Diacetyl in my lagers its not a bad flavour to me but not sure if its there or not. Anyway happy with results of my now pressure ferment and co2 transferring. 


So in general. Drinking lagers 3 weeks from grain to brain is this inappropriate?


Just that I cant nock back my lager when its this green. I still rather it to commercial product.

It does get nicer with age and cold conditioning but its still good to drink. I've done this commonly with Ale, even shorter like 10 days from grain to brain for ale. 

The reason I'm brewing lagers in winter is basically energy efficient. With temp control its the same process with Ale.

Pressure ferment technique with a 40lt kegmenter.

Lager ferment temps: start at 10c for around 5 days then raise 1c each day up to the yeast maximum range say 14 - 15c. Then chill (2 days) to say 4c or less to transfer after 12 days to serving keg. The beer improves a touch sitting around at room temps before going into the kegerator but still good going straight on tap from the first chill. :unsure:  Anyway, pretty happy and impressed with results lately... :D