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In Topic: Goodbye Casino Mike......

Yesterday, 08:57 PM

Sadly how much can we blame a load of shit on a politicians as a diversion of ourselves. 

That's a total general comment. I don't even care about details of certain politicians.

Who would want to be a politician? When knowing as soon as you are a politician you are a target of,, every negative assumption anyway...

Is this an Anarchy call?   :lol:


Yesterday, 08:17 PM

All of the above that you mentioned is thoughtful. I have fussed with it but.

Chilling the beer as cold as you can and a tad overcarbed before transfer got me a 5th in a comp lately. As doing it in a PET bottle. Then again I'm not a seasoned competitor but I do bottle my Draught beer.

I only do it with my selected beers that have conditioned in the keg and are worth bottling.

Its about testing it yourself. Its Craft Beer. :chug:  

In Topic: Whats In The Glass (commercial)

Yesterday, 04:54 PM

A week ago on a little journey to pick up 50 Silver Perch hatchlings from Glenvale in Victoria I passed through Coldstream. 

Seeing the brewery I had to stop on the way back and get samples etc. Just as I ideally hoped they had a mixed six pack package.

I got the 6 mix from the chilled fridge. So a week later I have tried them all. Passes all my limited but critical judging skills. The four beers are all 4.5%. The two ciders are 5%.


Australian Pale Ale.  (exacty that as to category of style)


Golden Ale. (a bit more than above in malt/body but nothing more really outstanding)


Czech Pilsner. My favourite of them all. This was nice lager. Very nice. The aroma says it then the flavour confirms it. Yummo.


Grand Porter. Check the ABV before opening its 4.5% so I didn't expect the warm alcohol flavours of Porter as I know it but this is interesting. Almost plum flavour background or something. I'd grab some more out of flavour curiosity if I get past there again.


Apple Cider. (Its perfectly good Apple Cider. Nothing outstanding other than its too sweet for me like most Ciders)


Pear Cider in a can. (Equal to the Apple Cider description)



In Topic: Stereotypes: Brewers have beards

17 January 2017 - 03:59 PM

I guess I have the trimmed Batchelor style as described. Shaving doesn't agree with me at all especially in summer. I still shave cheeks and neck and suffer the sweat rash something chronic in summer sometimes no matter what I try so its an easy choice. Less shaving the better.

In Topic: Hop Experiment

17 January 2017 - 01:45 PM

Let us know how it goes. I'd be sceptical it would work very well but you never know until you try. Expect flat beer with floaties of hop particles but it may help you decide on the hops. I think the experts mostly rub hop flowers in their hands and judge by the aroma's.

Hop shots for experimenting in the glass are probably the best way but harder to get a broad range of.