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In Topic: Local water uses sodium hypochlorite for chlorination

Today, 08:29 PM

Cheers, I'll get some tabs.

What's the verdict on just leaving the water sitting open overnight? I think I saw something on the forum recently suggesting that that's just a tooth fairy idea.

I've aerated water plenty of times to get rid of chlorine. Blasted with a strong aerater. In the past I did that for brew water and if I'm down on rain water in my tanks for my fishies in the Aquapoinics I will fill a 1000lt IBC tank and blast aerate it for a day or two. Its probably rid of chlorine within 12 hours but I give it more.   

As for just leaving the lid off to aerate then a week for a 1000lt may do it.

In Topic: Single Hop - First recipe feedback...

Yesterday, 09:16 PM

AFAIK the WR dark ale uses an English yeast. I don't see the 4VP and 4VG you'd expect from a POF+ Belgian yeast in that beer.


That being said, there are yeasts used in Belgian beers that don't display evident POF+ characters: for example neither of the yeasts used in Duvel would appear to produce much 4VP but legendarily they are both derived from a Scottish mixed culture.

I'm not worthy! haa. Thats a fact I'm just a home brewer. I'm not up with all these abbreviations either.

It all went over my head and I don't want to google everything to translate. Its just more taps on a keyboard I may have a bad habit.

Not just me think about the audience.

Please spell it out. That's just a general call cry.

In Topic: Brewing salts for mash ph

Yesterday, 08:30 PM

I try and keep any adjustments to the bare minimum, but I have often wondered about what happens to those who I have read on here do a 15 litre sparge,

is this going to make any significant difference to the pH especially when using tap water?

I sparge with filtered water. Its around pH6. I feel really lucky with this scenario. Melb tap water at 7.3 soft water or filtered is pH6.


Again, I make a mineral profile of around 25% of the Burton on Trent profile. That is based on the size of the brew. Not the total water used. All minerals added to the mash water for first infusion. Then sparge with filtered water that is basically blank at pH6.

I cant think of a reason how this could be a bad thing? Unless someone could I'm all ears.

In Topic: Single Hop - First recipe feedback...

Yesterday, 07:59 PM



American hops + Belgian yeast = pig's breakfast.


Lots of people have tried to make this work, nobody has succeeded. If you want to try an example of how it goes wrong, try White Rabbit's "Belgian" pale ale. A beer that can't make up its mind what it is (other than dreadful).




Haha. I've actually payed the ridiculous price over the bar for White Rabbits. Rather than main stream stuff. I take it as a poor mans Saison thang. I prefer the Dark Ale. I prefer that yeast character in dark ales.  

For yeasts like that give it just one bittering addition. It seems to clash with late hopping, maybe, I only wrangled with those yeasts a few times and it is an acquired taste thing.

In Topic: Double Batch in 70ltr kettle?

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

I do 40lt brews in a 55lt keggle. The pre boil volume is at 55lt real close to the brim. The trick is to boil each run off in turn. Batch sparging etc. Boiling off each run off in turn divides the hot break instead of one big hot break that would boil over. You still have to be careful though especially with high gravity wort. 


<<Reference the Avatar pic. 55lt of fresh hopped IPA boiling.