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In Topic: Cyclone Debbie. Bring it on.

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

What's with our TV networks putting reporters out in cyclonic wind and torrential rain to report on the story?

Its called reporting.


I was watching the Today show briefly this morning before work and the young female reporter that was based in Bowen or Airlie Beach look really bloody scared.



If their crew get hurt, emergency service personnel will have to come to their rescue and put themselves in harms way in the process.



It's all well and good to keep people informed, but we don't need Kochie and Mel, or whoever the hell they are, standing out in 200+ kph winds and torrential rain to inform us that there's a fucking cyclone and it's really wet and windy.

Its exciting!. Don't think these reporters don't want to be the face in the face of excitement.!

The fact that they could get swept away by a freak wind or wave could be so fucking exciting and spectacular!


I don't even watch this shit but that's what it is...


In Topic: Cyclone Debbie. Bring it on.

Yesterday, 06:39 PM

Roberts would still fucking double down and claim the storm was generated by giant fans made by NASA or something. 



True that. Its extremely frustrating that a debate/argument between a scientist and an idiot has to happen at all.

The real fact! that stands out to me is you cant win an argument with an idiot no matter how much evidence you present. That also applies to many of the population like supporters of such idiots. Facts be irrelevant to idiots they simple believe what they want to believe.

In Topic: Is this a infection ?

27 March 2017 - 07:31 PM

Or fruit. That's what I got from infection I mentioned. (White sheet like patches).

It got a fruitiness character that I have read about and in reference to infection/off flavour but it was perceived as a complimentary flavour.

Fruity beer. It also served crystal clear and well carbonated.

In Topic: Any fridge doctors give a diagnosis?

27 March 2017 - 06:30 PM

 Actually I think DJ called it. I'm feeling relieved now and also instead of feeling burned on a $250 used fridge I'm actually impressed that it has this function haha.

Could potentially just have been coincidence you checked it during the defrost cycle where it actually heats itself to melt off ice on the evaporator? My fridge has one on an 8 hour timer. Heard the sound of dripping water the other day and thought oh no what's happened but it was just the ice melting into the collection reservoir at the back.

Its all behaving normally now. Now I know! its a character of the fridge I couldn't have known without the manual.

It must have been the humid weather that triggered it into (the above) cycle. :chug:  

In Topic: Any fridge doctors give a diagnosis?

27 March 2017 - 06:00 PM

Yeah. I have bypassed the temp controller for now. The fridge does claim to be frost free in the original fixed labels. It has been very humid here lately I know that can cause frost. Although no frost to be seen in the freezer at all even when it does freeze. Fingers crossed its just some automatic function that's just coincided with the weather.  

Collection tray underneath is dry apart from a few tablespoons of fresh dribbled water. All could be good! fingers crossed. It rattled me I've never seen this happen before but I may have jumped the gun.


Thanks for all responses. B)