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Low flow from CO2 bottle

24 January 2017 - 05:43 AM

Hi all,


After losing a keg and a CO2 bottle late last year to a beer line removing itself from a tap shank, I've begun refreshing my beer lines (to be stronger) and got the CO2 bottle refilled yesterday.


A very strange thing is now happening.


The flow directly from the bottle - even with no regulator attached (full 100 bar) - is incredibly slow. Normally simply cracking the bottle valve will shoot off the plastic cap on the outlet thread. As of yesterday, I can wind the bottle handle all the way out and flow is still minimal. So low, in fact, that I doubt it could keep up with a beer pour. When the regulator is attached, it does reach full pressure (ie the bottle isn't empty) but since the flow is so low it takes ages. 


Does anyone know how or why this could happen, and how to fix? The issue is definitely the gas bottle and outlet valve, not my gas reticulation system.