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In Topic: Sydney Bulk Grain Buy - May 17

Today, 07:42 AM



So looking at week commencing 12/6 for pickup?


The timing of my new brewery build couldn't be better  :beerbang:

In Topic: What's wrong with this picture?

Today, 07:40 AM

Strictly speaking, the probe shouldn't be going directly into your pot anyhow. Best practise would be to put a thermowell in, then put the probe in the thermowell.


You should use one of those bulkhead fittings, then the tapered thread will be in the right application and happy:


In Topic: What's wrong with this picture?

Yesterday, 11:59 AM

There's nothing wrong. 


It's a BSP tapered thread, designed to seal with PTFE tape.

In Topic: Keg Leak Troubleshooting

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

More results. 


So I took off a plastic disconnect and attached a barbed stainless one. I ran out of hose clamps so a press fit over the barb was holding it on.


The stainless disconnect appeared to have solved the problem as there was no HP needle movement over 24 hours. However, after 36 hours it had moved. F%^k me. Here we go again. This bloody bush league hose-barb and shitty ball valve manifold is next on my hit list. Leaks through valve stems I've seen before.


Hell, the leak's slow enough that we could even be talking diffusion through the vinyl hose.


I am going to run a parallel line which is 100% Festo pneumatic components into a SS disconnect which is pushfit >> FFL thread. If this leaks then I'll give up and resign myself to the fact that excruciatingly slow leaks are reality in a non-welded system.

In Topic: 3 piece valves... worth the extra cost?

Yesterday, 10:25 AM

I would be highly surprised if a home brewer EVER needed to replace seats on a ball valve. Then, the cost of the new seats is likely to be similar to a new valve anyhow.


At work, we throw them in the bin instead of rebuilding them - it's so rare they need any attention.