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Coopers real ale kit + bits

08 January 2017 - 07:29 PM

So seeing as how I have now moved house and sort of got my garage setup (needs more storage and organizing). Along with foolishly agreeing to a house warming on the 21st I thought I should smash out a quaff-able kit beer to fill one of the kegs so that the Kegerator has something on tap


Recipe as per below :)


1X Coopers real ale kit

1X BE2 (part of a packet)

1X 250g Coopers pale ale malt


25g Nelson Sauvin at 20mins


So after sanitizing everything,


250g of malt went into 3.4L of water into a pot on the gas stove and taken to a rolling boil, added 25g of Nelson Sauvin and boiled for 20mins (used some hot water to rinse out the bag of malt) (I grabbed a few Tablespoons of the liquid to use as a starter to rehydrate the kit yeast (I normally use US05 or US04 but I am all out)


While this was happening I put my kit can into some hot water in the sink and dumped my lump of BE2 into the fermentor


Poured the goop all over it with a little hot water from the boiled kettle to clean the can out.


Once the timer was up I filtered out the hotbreak and the hop residue and then poured her straight into the fermentor, mixing it up to add as much 02 as I can.


Topped upto 23L and with some added ice got her down to about 25C, pitched the yeast and chucked her into the fermentation fridge pics below :)


Going to ferment it out at 17C, Currently no idea of SG as I left my measuring cylinders at my mates place tipping it will be about 4-5% abv when finished if my math is right (happy for correction :) )



Temp probe is taped to the side of the fermentor :)




Any thoughts or critics would be great, thanks all 


98IBU Alan's Bastard IPA

17 December 2016 - 10:36 AM

Morning All


Took yesterday off and decided to do some brewing to use up some chinook hop flowers?Bines? i got off the from someone in the forum and to use up so malt before i move house again along with some Galaxy that was getting a bit old


I have a few different bits of equipment and tbh think I need to get my 2V setup going again (50L boiler and 76L esky(need to fit my manifold and valves etc again))


So right now I am using a 32L turbo boiler (2200W) along with a BIAB, Have done 1 smash in this and my mate who has it in his garage has probably put 3 beers down with another one yesterday


I have insulated it with Abelflex from bunnings




Will need to rethink the insulation as it dropped about 10C in 90mins, also it struggles to keep a rolling boil going with the lid on


Anyway decided to brew the below, managed to get a whole 58% of efficiency (Started with 20L of water due to head space but should have gone with 25L)


Recipe is for 23L and I no chill Its about 65IBU and 98IBU with no chill based on Brewers friend and Beersmith any critic would be great as learning's for next time, pretty sure I maxed out what my BIAB setup can do and should have split the recipe


All crushed fine via a corna mill as I havent got my MM mini and motor setup atm


Strike water at 72.5C


Mashed at 66.7C for 90mins with a mash out of 75.6C as I was aiming for a medium body and I did sparge and multiple milking of my biab bag to get liquid for the boil, 18L at the end with temp correct gravity of 1.082 watered it down to temp corrected 1.068


Target SG 1.068 Target FG 1.015 ABV 7.05%






5kg Pilsner malt (Joe White)

1.7kg Traditional golden ale malt (Joe White)

0.8KG Rye

0.5kg Caramunich 3



Chinook flowers (Home grown) 40g 60mins

Chinook flowers (Home grown) 20g 20mins

Galaxy pallets 20g 5mins

Chinook Flowers (Home grown) 20g 0mins

Galaxy pallets 19g 0mins


4Days primary and 10days secondary, I will add some Gelatine in secondary to clear it up and am considering dry hopping with another 20-40g of Chinook flowers (Home grown


The hops are all from 2014-2015 and have been in and out of my freezer so may have lost some potency, my rolling boil pretty much died when I added my first hop addition and never really got going again (2200W is a joke may need to look into an immersion heater for it) 


Has a great colour and when I took a sample for the SG reading it had hop oil floating in it, you can taste the hops comming through so hoping it ferments out well :)


Biggest beer I have done in awhile


Still wanting to get a Braumeister or a smaller Mash tun for 2V


Will add tasting comments once its ready


Any feedback or thoughts welcome