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Brewing a kit and bit stout.. very high EBC on a stout?

11 January 2017 - 03:37 PM

G'day brewers,


I am currently crunching numbers for a stout I am am putting down tomorrow in a brand new fermenter that just got delivered today.


Not quite sure on the recipe yet, for I have a few different yeasts on hand Danstar windsor, S-33, US-05 but will be something like this:


1 x can of Cooper's stout
1 x pouch of MJ's dark malt extract
200gm Caramalt 3 grain
200gm Crystal grain
200gm Pale choc grain
200gm Carapils grain

25gm Fuggles @ 10 min

25gm EKG @ 5 min

25gm EKG dry hop @ day 7
1 x (insert yeast here)

Fermented @ 16c for 3 weeks

ABV: 5.1%


I am getting a very high EBC on Ianh spreadsheet from what I know it is just letting me know it is going to be "black as the ace of spades", am I correct?

Grain steeping and Coopers English bitter

30 June 2016 - 12:54 AM

Hi All,


I have been knocking out pretty good brews with different coopers cans, steeping with specialty grains.


Then boiling the strained grain water/wort with different hops adding it to the fermenter with the can of goo & LDME and using better yeasts. 


I have a can of English bitter that I want to try out.


Hops I have fuggles & EK golding so that should be OK...


So what grains would suit this? Any recipes?


Any yeast recommendations?

Thanks in advance.





Anyone kegged a ginger beer?

16 May 2016 - 09:30 AM

Guday all,


Put down a coopers ginger beer kit 1.5 weeks ago.


Blinged it out with fresh ginger, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, raw sugar, cloves and honey.... Gettn close to FG and smells and taste fantastic...


I am just wondering does it have to 2nd ferment in bottles or can I go straight to keg?


I'm thinking with all those great flavors in there a nice long conditioning period in bottles will probably benefit it greatly...


Thanks in advance,

Kegerator blues.... Hit a freon line

15 May 2016 - 11:01 AM

Was in the midst of converting my 2nd hand fridge (that I am using with a pluto gun currently) into a kegerator with door mounted taps I got from KK.


Had all the lines, disconnects, SS taps, 4 way manifold, drill bits, kegs & 3 great brews on 4th day of CC'ing in my FV's ready to go into kegs..... an a whole other load of awesomeness!


Once I started drilling through the side panel for the c02, I smelt freon. So I turned off drill and heard an utterly heart breaking "hissing sound"...... Arrrgggghhhh! @*#$#!!!


I reckon fridge is a goner.....70 buck lesson. Now I have lost my fridge keeping my current keg cold...


Got another one I am buying tomorrow for round 2, any hints and tips on how not to stuff it up again?


Drilling co2 line hole higher up the side panel perhaps?


Thanks in advance...


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Good recipe for lagering and kegging?

07 May 2016 - 08:00 PM

Hi All,


I have knocked out a few decent Ales that I have been quite happy with (steeping grain and boiled and/or dryhopping).


Though some of my soft mates (not all thank god), think they are too "strong in flavour" for them.... *sigh* I know, I know!


Anyhow I thought now I have 2 FV's and a 4 tap kegerator up and running. I can run a couple of decent partial grain extract ales for myself and other mates of mine that are beer aficionados...


But for my other sooky mates, I would like to brew a decent lager along the lines of an easy drinking & cruisy taste on the palate.


So if you have a damn good extract and grain steeped recipe I am all ears...


I have temp controlled fridge and no dramas to get my hands on a carboy for the lagering process... Which is going to be my first time using the lagering technique. So after the initial chosen recipe is brewed and fermented with lager yeast at around 10c from what I read. I need to syphon to a carboy and sit at close to 0c as possible for a few weeks, correct?


Can I force carbonate in keg? Or let it carbonate over some time? Seems like a long process... Though all good things come to people who wait...


Anyhow thanks for all the help I have received over the weeks, just frikn stoked to be knocking up half decent ales!