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In Topic: First brew Bootmaker

28 April 2017 - 02:49 PM

There might be a tad more carbon dioxide present but it's really no worth worrying about. I cold crashed and bottled dozens of brews with the same amount of priming sugar as I did when they were at ferment temps and didn't have one batch over carbonated.

In Topic: Kegging Setup CO2 leak - driving me insane

28 April 2017 - 12:38 AM

I had T-piece splitters once, fuckin pain in the arse compared to the manifold I have now. This manifold had a leak in one of the valve threads when I first got it, and I quickly lost over half a bottle of gas because of it. When I located it, I noticed that the offending valve was screwed in a full turn tighter than the other three that weren't leaking. I removed all the valves, as well as the inlet barb and stopper on the respective ends of the manifold, and put silicone in and on all threads, then screwed them back into place. Not had any problems since. I like it because I can switch on and off gas to individual kegs as well as have the spare line for purging etc.


I have kept the T-piece splitters in case of emergency though.

In Topic: Tips for lager Brewing

27 April 2017 - 10:44 PM

This reminds me, I kegged my Bo Pils yesterday that had been sitting at 0C for 2 weeks. This was the one that had the experimental flameout addition of Saaz. Still no grassy flavours; it was slightly more bitter than usual but I expect that will mellow out during the time between now and when it ends up on tap. Having said that, most of the time when I try beers at kegging time they're more bitter than they end up once on tap so it's pretty much business as usual. Flavor was very promising though, keen to try it carbonated!

In Topic: Was it Water or Water with Sodium Percarbonate?

27 April 2017 - 12:25 AM

I took a small sip from one of my hydrometer testing jars that had been filled with hot water and had a teaspoon of percarbonate added to it, after it had soaked overnight. It tasted like salty water but not the kind you'd get from the ocean. Hard to describe it really but it was pretty horrible.


Personally I'd tip the batch out and start again. Aside from potential health risks, it'd probably taint the flavor anyway. Salted ginger beer anyone?

In Topic: BIAB - first go NQR

26 April 2017 - 11:53 PM

Pretty much what Stouter said. Software will also help you work out your efficiency, a figure that will make it a lot easier to work out how much grain you need to use to hit your target OG in your target volume. I also BIAB in a Crown urn but I have the 40 litre size brewing either 21 or 25 litre batches, and I don't sparge so all the water goes in at the beginning of the brewing process.


I also no-chill my wort in plastic cubes. Over time I've worked out with my 75 minute boils that I need about 10 litres more than the intended batch size at the beginning of the boil, to get the targets in the fermenter. I boil off about 3L an hour as well (3.75L for the 75 mins), so that 6-7L extra allows for trub and other losses as well as the cube taking a couple of litres more than its nominated capacity.


I normally start with 11L more water than the intended batch size, but this is room temp water so even though it appears the grain is only soaking up 1 litre (ridiculously low), it's probably more like 2 litres due to the expansion in volume when the pre-boil wort is around mash temps. It's a pain the arse to try to explain, but after brewing with it for a few years I've worked out what volume markings the wort needs to line up with at those temperatures to achieve intended outcomes.