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      17 Jan

    Had a question about Gigayeast 150 Sour Cherry Funk. Sent email to Gigayeast last night, wake up to a warm and informative response. Sent an email to the Mad Fermentationist about recipe formulation...email from Mike waiting in my inbox this morning. Beats writing a letter any day!

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Clear up

All Grain Brewing Today, 03:22 PM
Hey guys , I have an irish red,very cloudy and gunky.Tastes ok tho. Would there be any sense de gassing the keg,adding gelatineand gassing up again.Would the yeast etc settle out overnight and could be drawn off before serving? Brew would be at 2 deg C.
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AHB Wiki: PID Tuning

AHB Resources (Wiki Topics) Today, 02:25 PM
Hi all,   This Wiki captures PID tuning, which is a follow-on from the basics on On/Off and PID control, found here: http://aussiehomebre...sics/?p=1431568   The tuning Wiki is below, which captures the following: Specifics about the P, I and D terms Why a home brewery is a little diffe...
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Brewing Recipe Books Out There

Kits & Extracts Today, 01:09 PM
As I'm heading into All Grain soon, I've been looking around to see what existing AG Recipes are out there that I can start out with.    I've noticed there are quite a few published books on the market which have many great recipes in them.   One book I bought last year was Modern...
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4th vessel independent HERMS

Gear and Equipment Today, 12:15 PM
Hey guys. Just wondered if anyone had come across a commercially made prepose built HERMS that runs independently as a fourth vessel and not incorporated in the HLT.  Thanks Rob
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FS : Mel Keezer (699 Litre, with regs , manifolds etc)

Buy and Sell Today, 09:47 AM
699 Litre F&P Freezer, about 4 years old. (bought new for over $1500). Currently a used one on ebay for $989 (http://www.ebay.com....iMAAOSwiONYPRX3). Measures 175cm(w) x 72cm (d) x 97cm (h). You can pretty much sleep in it   Expect to get 13 or so corny's in it and a few slabs on hump /...
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