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Site Rules

AussieHomeBrewer (AHB) is a privately-owned community built for and frequented by individuals with an interest in brewing beer and beer related activities. Posts and content should reflect this topic.

Access to the AHB website and forum system is provided under limited conditions. The site administrators reserve the right to remove content or your access, without warning or notice, for any reason that may or may not be disclosed.

AHB collects and stores personal information during member registration, as identifiers such as IP addresses during the posting of content. Such material will not be disclosed unless lawfully requested by an enforcement agency or court order.

These site rules, moderation policy and site guidelines may be updated at any time by the site administrators, without prior notification.

Site Rules

AHB is intended to be a fun community for collaborating about beer and beer related activities. With any community of this form, some rules must be in place to ensure this community can continue to operate. The rules for this site are as follows:

1. By using AHB you agree that all posts created or edited by you are your own responsibility. As such, you agree not to hold AussieHomeBrewer, the site administrators, moderators or any other entity associated with the website responsible or in any way liable for damages of any kind with respect to content posted. To the extent permitted by law, you have waived all rights to make any claims against AussieHomeBrewer, the site administrators, moderators or any other entity associated with the Forums.
2. You are required to have a single forum account per user. If your account is banned, you as an individual are banned. Multiple accounts believed to be "false" accounts for another individual will be banned.
3. Discussion or Promotion of activities or material that the site administrators believe may potentially be illegal (such as spirit distilling, distribution of copyright software/media and the unlawful acquisition of equipment such as brewery owned kegs) is not permitted unless approved by the site administrators. This rule is relative to all areas within the forum and memberships.
4. Posts recommending potentially dangerous actions (such as unprotected, incorrect or dangerous 240v wiring) is not recommended, and may be removed at the discretion of the site administrators.
5. Threatening, slanderous, abusive or deliberately inflammatory messages are not to be posted and may be removed at the discretion of the site administrators.
6. Content of a discriminative nature based on gender, race, religion, political beliefs, disability or sexual orientation may be deleted at the discretion of the site administrators.
7. With the exception of polished stainless steel, copper or excessively large Erlenmeyer flasks, pornography of any kind is not to be posted.
8. Advertising of beer related material is permitted at the discretion of the site administrators, providing the individual uses the correct sub forum, and requests to be identified as a Retailer.
9. Retailers and members are not permitted to post in other retail threads offering items at a cheaper cost, or questioning the competitors products/pricing or redirecting to other retail threads. Posts of this nature will be deleted. Unnecessary posting to bump topics into the recent list is bad etiquette and will be removed, continued patterns like this may result in the loss of retail status.
We do not allow technical threads to become ads (that's what the retail section is for), but we do encourage Sponsors/Retailers to follow up through private message with those enquiring about their products or services.
10. The posting of unrelated advertising, unsolicited messages or any referral programs is not permitted without prior approval from the website Administrator.
11. Posts containing an unacceptable amount of offensive language, distasteful, vulgar or offensive material may be removed at the discretion of the site administrators.
12. Posting personal information regarding other individuals such as full names, telephone numbers, street/postal addresses and email addresses is prohibited without permission from that individual.
13. Posting the same message in multiple forums is not permitted.
14. Posts complaining about moderation, or discussing administrative decisions will be deleted. Such discussion should take place via Private Message.
15. Posts believed to be "trolling", off-topic or deliberately hijacking a thread will be deleted.
16. Private Messages can be viewed by site administrators and in certain circumstances they may be examined.
17. Advertisements of and hyperlinks that advertise other brewing forums within signatures are not permitted and will be removed. Hyperlinks to other brewing forums that are part of a discussion are permitted at the discretion of moderators and administrators.

Moderation Policy

Site moderators are fellow website members with elevated privileges. This includes the ability to edit, move or delete posted content, remove the ability of an individual to post content, or temporarily remove an individuals site access.

Site administrators have complete administrative rights and may permanently remove posted content, delete or edit individuals accounts, as well as view, edit or delete Private Messages.

The moderation policy for AHB is as follows:

1. Moderators may at their discretion move, consolidate or split any content that they believe is in the incorrect sub forum or is duplicated.
2. Moderators may delete content which they believes contravenes the site rules. Deleted content can be restored, and this may later be overturned by an administrator.
3. Any actions which a moderator believes to seriously contravene the site rules may result in a moderator temporarily removing an individuals ability to post content, or temporarily removing an individuals site access.
4. Moderators decisions are not final. Any action by a moderator can be escalated to the site administrators for further review.
5. Site administrators decisions are final.

Repeated Breaches

Any member who continues to breach the rules of the site after having content deleted (i.e. reposts deleted material), or receiving a PM warning from a moderator will have their account suspended for 24 hours. Repeat offenses after this will result in a one week ban, followed by revocation of membership.

Site Guidelines

As AHB is a community focused on the discussion of brewing beer and beer related activities, it is inevitable that people frequenting the forum may be intoxicated. Please use common sense when posting after a few beers, do not deliberately attempt to inflame a situation or provoke others.

This is a privately operated website operated by fellow beer enthusiasts. The moderators do not "censor" the content posted on the AHB website, nor do they monitor every post that appears. Please be respectful of other individuals and their posts. It is fine to disagree on a topic, but do so in a constructive manner.

If you notice content which is questionable, please report it to the moderators using the "Report Post" function.

Messages should be posted in the appropriate sub forum. If you find messages posted in the incorrect place, feel free to report the post to a moderator.

It is possible to have your account renamed by contacting a site administrator.

Two search functions are provided to assist you with finding relevant information. Please search prior to posting a new topic, as the information you are seeking may already be available.

Thread "hijacking" is when a threads original topic is lost due to individuals posting completely unrelated information. If a thread is hijacked, the moderators may take action to split the thread. This is not to say other valid points relating to the original topic cannot be discussed, but please consider the relevance of your post to the topic. If it is not relevant to the topic at hand then please raise a new thread. This will ensure that the search function on the site remains a valuable tool.

Finally - Relax, don't worry - have a home brew!!